Dutch songstress Eva Simons may be more commonly associated with Afrojack’s seminal mainstream debut ‘Take Over Control’, but her latest Electro Pop solo endeavour has conjured some serious attention on the EDM circuit. But despite having German Zedd on production duties, her latest single ‘I Don’t Like You’ lay open for an array of fine European producers to don their own unique studio wits.

Ahead of his Protocol imprint label ‘WTF’ alongside Dutch newcomer ZROQ, familiar club/chart connoisseur Nicky Romero is the first in line to take on Simons’ latest original. With a grinding repertoire of steel-clad chord progressions and hard hitting beats, Romero plays on the elements that have seen his career soar and delivers yet another emotively refined key driven gem courtesy of Eva Simons’ vocal assets.

Away from EDM’s more familiar European hallmarks though, France’s premium instrumental Electronica enthusiast Fred Falke is next to bat for this varied remix package. In a swift and calm clash of warm synth work and steady sweeping beats, Falke’s remix places the originals definitive top line into a sophisticated array of gentle yet concise instrumental work before letting R3hab top the package with blistering synths and vigorous drops, bringing a new dimension to the rising singers impending solo legacy.

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Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Nicky Romero Remix) Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Fred Falke Remix)
Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (R3hab Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

10 Comments to “Release: Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Remixes)”

  • Any chance that you have Sebjak’s remix aswell?

  • Do you have a preview on Sebjak’s remix aswell?

  • Unfortunately not, he said he’s going to premiere it at Summerburst.

  • Definately enjoy the R3HAB remix the most, Nicky’s is way too similar to Tolouse :(

  • @David +1

  • R3HAB oh GOD!!! <3
    nicky cmon toulouse -_-

  • How long will it be before the remix pack is released in europe?

    You can only buy the pack in the US store :(

  • R3hab Remix is great, the nicky romero remix is pretty damn energetic

  • Nickys remix = Tolouse vs Metropolis.. those sounds are to unique to use over and over again tbh. At least the tolouse lead.

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