Slamming the door on genre defiancy and ripping the Beatport charts a new one at every possible turn, Zedd is back at the forefront to unveil the first outtake from his forthcoming debut album for Interscope Records. Having flourished as an Owsla regular and donned his studio intellect to Eva Simons’ ‘I Dont Like You’, his thriving international presence suggests that this is no one night stand of industrious esteem for Germany’s prominent Electro House export.

Stepping up to the mark again after the heavy-hitting ‘Shotgun’, Anton Zaslavski combines forces with Interscope vocalist Matthew Koma, also known by his vocal stylings for Alesso’s ‘Years‘, for ‘Spectrum’. Blending intricate complextro and Koma’s powerful top line, the infectious sound of his first album single indicates that as far as chart-worthy installments are concerned, Zedd’s upcoming debut album is looking pretty darn superior.

‘Spectrum’ will be released on June 4.

/Anton & Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Preview: Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum [Interscope]”

  • Good Stuff


  • reminds me of Madeon a lot

  • Nice cover art!

  • I’ve got a question irrelevant from this song, but is Avicii ever going to release his ID that many say is a remix of Michael Wood’s Drop Zone? Would be thankfull if someone would answer!

  • I jizZEDD in my pants…

    I’m hearing a lot of Madeon in this track!

  • @Alex that will take a very long time… He didn’t released, yet, many of his mixes that are almost a year old so that one will take almost another year…

  • @hedz Yeah I know, and that really sucks! But correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tim play the track for the first time during the EDC a year ago?

  • Alex: My guess: never.

  • Okay …… Thanks anyway!

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