Though some may reckon this to be quite a few steps outside of the comfort zone of this rapidly rising Dutchman with an affinity for high-pitched synths, fact is that Hardwell has never been a stranger to the ”techier” realms of Electronic Dance Music. Be it the early techno works alongside countryman R3hab or his tech-influenced progressive house releases throughout 2010, but his return to Toolroom Records seems to have been just a matter of time.

Quite reminiscent of his own edit of JoeySuki’s ‘’ from back in 2010, Hardwell’s second coming to the record label of Mark Knight sees him boast a concoction of rolling chords and soothing interludes for his third original mark in 2012 – ‘Three Triangles’.

‘Three Triangles’ will be released on June 3 through the first volume of Toolroom’s Ibiza 2012 compilation series.

Hardwell – Three Triangles


9 Comments to “Preview: Hardwell – Three Triangles [Toolroom]”

  • This is just amazing, hardwell never dissapoints sorg his New styles, BIG UP!

  • GREAT TRACK! This is the first Hardwell track I’ve liked in a long ass time!

  • SUPERB! Like it, great vibe and energy in this track!

  • I love how on point you guys always are ! Didnt know that hardwell used to produce tech & techno, what a journey this guy has had . He deserves all the attention he’s getting !

  • I’m following hardwell since a long time and I’m excited that he returns to his old style! these tracks are the reason i’m a fan of him:)

  • A little more like tommy trash, just a little bit more of this hard stuff
    great work Hardwell, more of this ;)

  • this is really nice, lots of energy, hardwell never disapoint.

  • a typical three triangle song :p (how these guys always come up with these song names is beyond me)
    I would have called it : play me and dance!
    for me : triple thumbs up for this one ( do I hear some Fedde influences on this track btw?)

  • Reaaallyy nice

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