Sweden’s beloved Progressive House pundit John Dahlback has certainly not had a quiet year so far. But with the road ahead suggesting further heartrending activity both behind the decks and from the comfort of his studio, Aussie club force Dirty South steps up to don his ear to the Swede’s Phazing debut ‘Embrace’ four years after his timeless remix of Dahlback’s ‘Pyramid‘.

As officially premiered amid the 3rd episode of the Aussie’s newly launched Phazing Radio, Dirty South puts the release of his emotive gem alongside Alesso ‘City Of Dreams‘ on hold to pursue a deja vu filled remix for his own Phazing Records. Realigning the original with his signature lead work and sturdy beats, the originals divine top line works wonders in amidst the twists and turns of Dragan Roganovic’s persuasive take on this instant club stormer. Already proving a force to be reckoned with throughout 2012, we’ll be surprised if this titanic fusion of two fine players on the EDM wish list does not prove an essential inlay on the impending summer season.

‘Embrace’ will be released on June 18.

/Dan Carter & Anton

16 Comments to “Preview: John Dahlback – Embrace (Dirty South Mix) [Phazing]”

  • I sense future house classic!!

  • Always the same things.
    Poor Dirty South…

  • FrenchMan, you mean always amazing? Dirty Souths productions never seem to get old! Few producers can create more emotional tracks than him

  • Yaaaawn

  • DS definetly has a sound that a lot of his tracks adhere to, but he is always able to make a melody that gets people up.

    It’s not always the same stuff anyway:
    Coming Home DS remix
    Silvia Remix with Seb
    Alive with Thomas Gold

  • last 20 seconds were the best! :)

  • Fucking amazing! DS levererar alltid!

  • It’s hard to compare an all-time classic like Pyramid with today’s cheesy progressive sound :(
    I’d like to hear something fresh and new!

  • I agree,

    some producers really need to fresh up their sounds, including Dirty South. This just seems to be another ”don’t-u-get-the-summer-vibes”-kind of track, which will melt in perfectly in with all the other five-hundered which sound exactly like this. Don’t get me wrong, i love DS and have been to several concerts just because of him. But this is not at all why I like him.

  • Come on dirty south, wattup with the boring remixes of late? Sure it’s a good club track but it’s just one amongst so many others.. Give us some new shit :)

  • @Marcus, hmmmm…wait, what? What do you expect, a groundbreaking production every time? I think dirty south has already shown that he is capable of great things but you have to drop those extreme standards you’ve set for the artists… At the end of the day, all that matters is how good and catchy the production is, not how groundbreaking it is..

  • @Eric F. Ofc Im not expecting a perfect track every time.. I just feel like the last year or so his productions have not been as good as earlier (few exceptions). He has always been one of my fav producers, but I dont ”feel it” like I did with most of his earlier tracks :)

  • agree with some of the comments, Dirty South should definitely try something new, it’s becoming a little garbage.

  • high quality here http://youtu.be/mqHQAzuB2qo

  • This track is good for clubs it has an amazing melody . But big room/ Festival stuff is his Miike Snow remix of Devil’s Work thats pretty different than most tracks .

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