You don’t need us to remind you that Sweden is looking pretty paramount as far as its contributions to global Dance music are concerned. Maybe it was something in the water, but even the kids are giving its fair share of bonafide legends a run for their money.

But about to make their first mark on clubland, unsigned Swedish newcomers Kim Lindén and Jimmy Andersson team up as Kill FM for Cazzette-influenced debut original ‘Bully’. Stepping away from the synth-laden realms of Electronc Dance Music often associated with Sweden’s DJ export of late, Kill FM boast a well-oiled mixture of heavily distorted Electro House and anthemic interludes in a bid to further freshen up their country’s undisputed reign on the international club scene.

Kill FM – Bully

/Anton & Dan Carter

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  • Thumbs up!

  • Riktigt najs, här har vi talang!

  • Must admit, this is fucking good!

  • Just like Jonas Törn – Boss…

  • :O that shit tight

  • Nice surprise!

  • Ingen info om release? Grym!

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