To the vast majority of the globes club minded aficionados, Justin Bieber’s sugary pop musings are the stuff of nightmares. But never scared to extend their flattening Electro fuzz to uncharted territory, Swedish sausage grinders Dada Life follow up their high profile remix of Madonna’s ‘Girl Gone Wild’ with an ambitious take on the teenage heart throb’s latest single ‘Boyfriend’.

While Dada Life still push their signature calling card of heavy-set hallmarks of their now global legacy, the duo make respectable ground for this pop/club transition of controversial properties. Scoring melodically refined progressions alongside the dissected top line of Bieber’s original chart-pleaser, their remix duties reign in as a triumphant extension of the duos daring discography for 2012.

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Update (01/08): Dada Life have just released the instrumental version of the remix for free. Get it here.

Update: New sample added

Words by Dan Carter

19 Comments to “Release: Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix) [Island Def Jam]”

  • The first Dada Life’s release I won’t buy ;)

  • Haha, They can´t be serious with this one ;) The drop is still very nice though in my opinion. BNNNS!!

  • total shit

  • This track is a bomb! The drop is absolutely banging, its something different from Dada but I like it. Also they have made Justin Beaver actually sound good!

  • Oh… At first I though it was a joke, but now that is released…

  • Dada just became Dada Sold their Life

  • Dada Life – Allways follow the money.

  • Stop hating so much on Justin Bieber. I didn’t like this kid before this track. He did a good job on this one (most of his stuff is gay though) and Dada Life made a great remix of it. You know nothing about music business and remixing Justin Bieber is such a HUGE opportunity for Dada Life, trust me. What should we say about Avicii remixing Madonna ? Or Zedd remixing Lady Gaga ? Psht!

    Haters gonna hate

  • i agree with you alek this is a huge step for them in the EDM but i hope that they they return to their old ways!!

  • This track is just a big joke, they released it for fun (and money ofc). They aren’t trying to take edm to the next level with this one. I am sure Stefan and Olle are having a great laugh reading all of the hate comments to this track. Since this probably just is a joke i highly doubt they will play this on in their sets. Future will tell us whether its a joke or not.

    Meanwhile haters gonna hate, and that’s what this song if for :)

  • People who thinks Dada Life follows the money doesnt realize that they made a question on facebook asking who their fans thought they would least likely remix and most answers was Justin Bieber and then they did a remix of him. I think its a great song and that its great that Dada Life just wants to have fun and play with music.

  • @Alek totally agree, when producers get a chance to remix big artists like Bieber obviously they’re not gonna let the opportunity slip away.

  • Dada Life did a great job on this one. The only reason people hate on the fact that they remixed Justin Bieber of all people is only because it still seems to be the ”cool” thing to hate on him. I don’t really get the state of mind people have.. instead of hating them for remixing Justin Bieber, we should be admiring them for making a Justin Bieber track more bearable to listen to

  • I’m not a fan of the immense commercialisation of EDM that’s happening right now (every popular artist is making house tracks or getting remixed just for the money), but purely judging the music, I actually like this one. I get the feeling that the only reason people are hating is because it’s an official remix for Justin Bieber. If it had been a Guerilla Fart (their bootleg series), people would’ve been ecstatic about it.

  • People if it was from Nicky you liked it. But because its from Dada Life you hate it…… Make any sense?

  • ”Justin Bieber is in the title, insert all the random opinions!!!!!”

  • never thought i would read the name of justin bieber in the beatport progressive house top 20!

    now the future is scaring me!

  • I gotta be honest! The vocals make the song! LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Hahaha, Dada Life and Justin Bieber? His vocals have improved

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