Steering the attention from his overbearing European peers, Hong Kong’s Dan Sayuran returns to the spotlight under his axisONE moniker with the powerful melodic outing ‘Vega‘ for Swedish imprint Macarize.

While the title may echo that of Eric Prydz’s formative Pryda anthem by the same name, Sayuran’s sound scope drives considerably heavier undertone into the melodic House concept, balancing delicate melodic Progressions with a fiery ambient guise of stern chord play throughout this emotive yet persistent club track. Without a single Electro grind or cheesy vocal sample in earshot, axisONE sticks to his guns with yet another creative gem that highlights the essential talent that can still be found outside of Europe and its atypical Progressive House regions.

‘Vega’ is released on May 28.

axisONE – Vega

Words by Dan Carter

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  • It’s a shame this is so far down on the page. This production is amazing and so is everything this kid does.

  • dude this shit is amazing!!!

  • Omg this is awesome !!

  • Reeeaaally good!

  • where can i find more tracks like this one???!! gotta say it again this is just amazing mindblowing eargasm!

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