Merely three years after his unfortunate passing, Michael Jackson’s estate has partnered with Pepsi and Sony Music to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his legendary seventh artist album ”Bad” with a revamped re-release featuring remastered tracks, unheard demos, and a string of remixes. But with mixed enthusiasm and a lot of speculation surrounding a controversial fusion of two opposite musical forces, Sony has turned to some of the pioneers of the ever expanding Electronic Dance Music scene in a wholehearted attempt to take the ever timeless sounds of the King of Pop to the dancefloor.

Stepping up to the mark for his most daring effort to date, Dutch chart-smasher Afrojack is first to bat for the remix package. Treating the original with as much respect one could have hoped for, Nick van de Wall takes a somewhat laidback approach to the track, preserving its unremitting arrangements while still maintaining the hallmarks of an actual remix. But digressing from his signature bleeps, Afrojack boosts the original from 111 to 128 BPM, adding chunkier drum work to the original before fully dropping anything Jackson related to give the production a more notable feel of Afrojack in a mixture of momentous pitchbends and the Dutchman’s signature distorted chord play. That being said, this first outtake from the remix package plays further testament to our believes that a Michael Jackson original is best left untouched.

”Bad 25″ will hit digital stores on September 18, also including remixes from the likes of A-Trak and Diplo.

29 Comments to “Preview: Michael Jackson – Bad (Afrojack Remix)”

  • The track is alright! However I loved the Hollywood tonight remix from chuckie. That was a great remix / track! (still is!)

  • what the hell happened in the afrojacks studio here?

  • i have great grammar aswell

  • Riktigt jävla besviken, och jag är ett enormt fan utan Afrojack. Det här va droppen!

  • love it !

  • Michael must be turning in his grave already…

  • Some things are better left untouched…

  • ”Seventh artist album ”Bad” with a revamped re-release featuring remastered tracks, unheard demos, and a string of remixes”


  • wtf is this shit


  • Blasphemy.

  • I swear I read somewhere the remixes were getting released mid may?

    …but yea, definitely more excited for the A-Trak remix

  • i like it. great chord progression in the drop.
    though, i like Chuckies remix of Hollywood Tonight better, even though im a huge afrojack fan

  • I love Afrojack, but this was really boring

  • i liked, not much exaggeration in this track, very acceptable
    i wanna hear the a-track remix too :)

  • Sucks! – Well Afrojack Music Always Sucks.

  • just another crappy remix by Afrojack, that’s it

  • Where is diplo and A-Track Remix?
    AFROJACK’s was ok but he really couldnt have made the song any better honestly

  • Ok this may not be the best remix ever and so what ? If he remixed the track it’s because MJ’s record label paid him a lot of money to make it, that’s all

  • Not earth shockingly different. nice try and ”not bad” IMHO.

  • I really like it to be honest.

  • Track complete destroit, beter ask Ben Liebrand or Armin van Buuren they will respect the original song.

  • Na-ah don’t touch my King Of Music song. It’s allright tough, but MJ’s songs are good as they are imo, timelesss. Do know that the first song to ever be remixed was a Jackson 5 song (Shake Your Body).

  • Not bad

  • This Sucks donkey dick!

  • Suprisingly melodic and funky to be Afrojack, good stuff.

  • already released on itunes ;) already quiet a while

  • ChrisS: Nope, it’s not. The horrible DJ Buddha edit of Afrojack’s remix has been released but not this version.

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