Germany’s renowned Progressive master Thomas Gold evidently had no intention of letting 2012 pan out quietly. Having made formidable bed partners of Axwell’s definitive Axtone imprint with ‘Sing2Me’, the unraveling summer season beckons his debut compilation for the aforementioned label.

With his own rework of Digitalism’s ‘Zdarlight’ and a fresh stadium-esque take of his Size Records breakthrough ‘AGORa’ leading the way for his exclusive contributions, Gold’s debut compilation ticks all the right boxes as far as club savvy cuts are concerned. From straight blasts of Progressive stylings right through to the more Balearic hallmarks of his recent material, the German heavyweight dons a wide array of styles throughout the compilation. While original tracks ‘The Beginning’, ‘Fanfare’ and ‘Circles’ offer a crucial insight into his highly-developed studio dexterity, the varied selection of Axtone originals are further complimented by a series of Gold’s signature gems and personal edits from the EDM archives. And with a European tour set to promote this hotly tipped industry debut, there is little indication that Gold is headed anywhere but upwards given his lucid alliance with Axwell’s House orientated armada.

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Thomas Gold – Fanfare
Thomas Gold – AGORa (Thomas Gold 2012 Remix)
Thomas Gold – The Beginning
Thomas Gold – Circles

Thomas Gold talks us through the concept behind the compilation

Words by Dan Carter

12 Comments to “Compilation Release: Axtone presents Thomas Gold”

  • Yeah!

  • agora 2012 remix är ju den bästa av dem

  • nothin special…

  • @Mick why do you think so? have you listened to the tracks on it?

  • When can we expect the Beatport release?

  • Evan: Would assume tomorrow since that’s the official release date.

  • @melfres

    Yeah, i know its a compilation, but there’s nothing on it that makes me want to buy it. I found you is one the very few great tracks but i already have it, and there’re lots of boring tracks… imo

  • Mick : I agree, but circles is f*****g good !

  • his drums are genius!

  • The Beginning is a damn ripoff off The Moment from Tim Mason!

  • Think the ”real” AGORa was better…

  • Spotify?

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