With summer now finally descending upon us the season calls for a kick in the step of our club minded contenders. Stockholm’s Alexander Fahlberg and Kristoffer Kent, better known as PANG are on hand tp up the ante for uplifting Hosue grooves with a 21st century remodel of the formative reggae anthem ’54 46 Was My Number’.

Leading with a clubworthy shift in tempo from Toots and the Maytal’s original, the duo expertly sample the original while subtly utilising its core energy with stern lead work and building charges of energy throughout. While the argument remains that some tracks are too sacred to be remixed, there is little sense of artistic detriment within PANG’s respectfully tailored remix of sun kissed properties.

‘54 46 Was My Number’ will be released on June 4.

PANG! – 54 46 Was My Number

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Summer tune! Love it

  • Awesome :)

  • Love this!!!!

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