Set against the hysteria of their highly anticipated debut album People of the Night, young blooded Size Records duo Max Vangeli and AN21 appear well poised to take the summer season for all it is worth. But joined by their exceedingly popular mentor and imprint ringmaster Steve Angello, triple threat collaboration ‘H8RS’ sets the precedent for the album high.

Premiered by Pete Tong on his Essential Selection show, the European trio make an affirmative nod towards the uneasy boundaries between Electro and Progressive House. In a stern strike towards the criticism that has followed the prestigious Housemaster since his expansion towards the Swedish House Mafia, Angello and his committed Size peers give a middle-finger salute to the bitter entities in EDM with an affirmative injection of adrenaline fuelled club music of a supreme sound quality. While ditching the more melodic realms that Vangeli and AN21 have become associated with, ‘H8RS’ looks not to cause an uproar, but show that there is something unshakable in the positive energy that all the artists are now mustering within their careers.

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Words by Dan Carter

25 Comments to “Release: AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS [Size]”

  • Haha sounds lika a half finished track! And they name it h8ters just so they think they cant get criticed. FFS step your game up Steve what hapend with for sale, monday, get nocht etc..

  • H8RS must be the most ridiculous track name ever ! Steve Angello needs to grow up a little and accept criticism

  • The track still speaks for itself…

  • Worthless track, complete shit.

  • What the fuck is Steve Angello up to, from being one of the best in the house world, in terms of house production (if not the best) in my opinion, to create this kind of clean out saying shit, and as usual, AN21 slides on his brother’s expense to collaborate and produce this crap. Steve Angello is clearly a victim of money :( .

  • Haha, it’s funny how Stevy guess reactions of some people.

    Anyway, H8RS is a pretty bangin’ tune even if haters will never admit it ;) .

  • I Like it

  • @ D.

    You just don’t get the point… and will never get it, just like ”Stevy”

  • i don’t really like the track but i can’t understand the reason why so many people hate it.

  • its not good at all…
    expected more coming from the producers of some of my favorite tunes like Swedish beauty, Tivoli, Isabel, Monday, Gama and Valodja

  • I asked AN21 and Max Vangeli during their twitter Q&A tonight if Steve named the track H8RS due to the hate he had been getting for his pre-recorded set. AN21 replied later saying that Max and himself named the track, there was no input from Steve on the title of this track. So stop HATING on steve for the time being, it isn’t his best track but it was mainly AN21 & Max Vangeli’s record. Still a decent tune to listen to now and again though :)

  • The fun thing is that this is a non-commercial track. People who says that this is shit is the same people who don’t like the old 404 Steve tracks. If this track was released like 5 years ago people would go crazy. If Steve was all about the money he would produce a commercial mainstream track . So All ThE H8ERS pLEAsE STFU!

    I’m not saying that this track is the best track ever made, but it’s definitely better then 90% of the shit that is released nowadays.

  • Fuck Me (Third Party remix) ?

  • @Mick

    It’s probably true, I don’t get the people who hate on him. Howerver I can understand the fact that his old style is missing some people, me the first, Monday, Tivoli, Isabel were such amazin’ masterpiece, but you must accept the fact that he changed, even if you like it or not.

    And yeah, he makes his own music for his own pleasure even if it’s money, everyone would do the same, but everyone can’t do this, anyway it’s not the matter ; you don’t like it ? Go your way and enjoy the old steve if you want, but please don’t come and hate on its new productions just saying that it is bunch of crap without any argument just because you don’t like that, I think this artist deserves at least a few respect for his huge past (and present) producer skills even if he failed sometimes in his career.

    So like you said, i don’t get the point and i will probably never get it just like ”Stevy”.

  • This is really banging! Gonna be nice live!

  • @D.
    You can not cure disappointment with just ignoring 90% of today’s music, it’s not that easy

  • It’s OK, but I definitely like the Third Party remix for Fuck Me better, wish they released that.

  • @ D.

    Dunno why i keep answering, but here we go…

    Again, you totally miss my point. I was not talking about the track itself, which i dont like at all. I was referring to this ”hating thing” which is absolutely ridiculous.

    What I mean is that I’ve supported Steve Angello since the beggining, i’ve bought his tracks and he would not be where he is now without the support of his older fans. He created a solid fan base and I was a part of that one. But the thing i strongly disagree with Steve now is that it seems like he can’t accept criticism, his many ”you don’t like my tracks because you’re f***ing haters” are simply childish and immature. And Steve not being involved in the track name makes me laugh, that’s hypocrisy.

    You can support a DJ and criticism him aswell so that DJs can learn about what went wrong with their new tracks. But again, all Steve can answer is that ”you dont like it because you’re haters”. Would I be a hater if I don’t like an Eric Prydz track, even though i’m a huge fan ?

    I’m sure 100% of people here don’t like Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton, imagine if they both called us ”haters”…

    I hope you get it now, it’s not because you don’t like a track that you’re necessarily a ”hater”. And if people think that Steve Angello is getting worse and worse, that’s their choice.

  • Are you all completely stupid? This sound like it’s been made in 15 minutes? Cmon!

  • @Mick

    I agree with you, you can dislike a song, it’s not the matter. The thing is just that many people are saying that he produces some shit, just because he changes his house orientation and his new style is totally different than his old one. Now those people don’t appreciate that, so they call his music ” a pure shit ”, this is what I call haters. Moreover I told you that you are a hater, but you have to admit that there is, here at least, a certain part of haters.

  • negatice critics ≠ hater

    (or h8rs :D )

  • This track is good, just let it go guys… Gash.
    If Steve wants to change its his choice and if you don’t like his new style u better go?:)

  • If your at home listening it this track on your computer it’s not that grate but when Steve played it at the palladium it was banging FUCK THEM H8ER

  • definitely fuck me (third party remix) i listened to it shortly after h8rs was released and was like ”wtf” haha

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