As far as Dutch House assets go, long serving chart monger Fedde Le Grand and his homeland peer Nicky Romero score considerably highly on the global EDM radar. Following up on Januarys two track EP giveaway, the heavyset duo reunites for the melodically charged collaborative romp ‘Sparks’. Played by Romero himself at VAiN Nightclub in Orlando on Friday, a fan-made video has provided a sneak peek at the result of their well-documented studio sessions.

Rooted with vivacious lead work, Romero’s new school stead and Fedde’s undisputable studio talents make for a superior injection of consistent melodic club fuel for the ensuing festival season. Where their nations efforts may have been severely typecasted over the past few years, this Dutch collective breath a fresh air of versatility into the heart of Europe’s leading House nations that is certain to do the rounds across the globe this summer.

More info on the release as we get it.

Update: A sample of the break has now been added as well

Words by Dan Carter

9 Comments to “Live Preview: Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero – Sparks”

  • this is only the break but the quality is much better

  • love the way it sounds!

  • @Rene the quality is better? LOL

  • Rene: Thanks for the tip, added that video to the post as well.

  • Nicky Romero has been producing so much lately o_O really hard worker…

  • Off Topic, but has there been any word on this song by Sander Van Doorn and Julian Jordan. They titled it Kangaroo, and it reminds me on Knife Party…

  • matt: It’s coming out soon on Doorn Records. Will let you know as soon as we have the date.

  • Actually sounds quite promising!

  • @DalsR
    Well, at least the video is a little better and you actually hear something but the bass :) Anyway, I was just quite proud that I figured out that this was their new song…

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