Daring Dutch crusader of the pumping House variety Nicky Romero has certainly earned some brownie points in the early quarter of 2012. But large scale events and David Guetta collaborations aside, the announcement of his new Protocol Recordings imprint sees the unstoppable producer add yet another dimension to his industrious capabilities. Premiered at Ultra Music Festival, his imprint debut ‘WTF’ alongside fellow countryman ZROQ sets the tone to an all time high with that signature energy we now associate with Romero.

From its piercing keys right through to its apex of low end wobbles, Romero’s stamina and intense precision sees Romero set an imperfect dose of brutal Progressive play. Breaking away from the stereotypical Dutch hallmarks once again, a heavy influence from Romero’s promising studio partners establishes a promising first instalment for what may well prove to be a crucial chapter in young Romero’s and his rising peer ZROQ’s unfolding career.

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Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Release: Nicky Romero & ZROQ – WTF [Protocol]”

  • You forgot a ”s” to ”release” ;)

  • Dope track!

  • Saw him premiere this one live, been waiting ever since! Big up Nicky! Now, release nictim =)

  • Glad this didn’t take too long to release !

  • Why do so many producers today create their own label?

  • Pop,
    I believe they do so because they want to be able to 1. Keep their masters 2. Keep the money they make from purchases.

  • 3. Have full control over how and when stuff releases.

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