There has been something in the vocal styling’s of Florence Welch that has continued to inspire the ranks of EDM’s finest remixers. With a track record for chart-worthy cuts as strong as his impending reign as the master of the Fly Eye imprint, Scottish House enthusiast Calvin Harris turns his hand on the familiar ‘Spectrum’ for its a formal transition from the pop charts to the dance floor.

Treading respectfully over the immediately engaging top line that has shaped Welch as one of the UK’s finest vocal assets for a good decade, Harris breaths a firm yet melodically refined chunk of club-worthy charm into this undisputedly emotive anthem. While reminiscent of Avicii’s infamous mash-up alongside his David Guetta collaboration ‘Sunshine’, Harris breaths notable life into this official remix duty for genre and artist alike. Without bending to the ranks of grinding Electro House or peak time Progressive House, the subtle yet skilfully crafted backdrop shines an inherently positive light on Harris’s ability to balance the relationship between pop music and the dance floor with stimulating consistency.

The Calvin Harris remix will be released on July 9.

Words by Dan Carter

27 Comments to “Preview: Florence and the Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)”

  • sounds nice, really catchy

  • Till och med Guettta låtar skulle låta bra med Florence röst.

  • is it just me or does it sounds like aviciis bootleg of sunshine and spectrum ?

  • its just you

  • its sound like magna – disfunktion no doubt, but still nice

  • Sounds nothing like Sunshine, so, other than the acapella, how does it remotely sound close to Avicii’s mashup?

  • I think this is quite similar to the sunshine mashup to be honest. But I think they are referring to that the sunshine mashup is the thing you come to think of when you hear this vocal.

  • Its pretty funny that Clavin Harris doesn´t get any hate/shit for being ”commercial” even though he works with artist like Neo, but as soon as David guetta makes a track or lately the Swedish house mafia produces a track for Usher ( which in my opinion sounded Huge! ) they get all the hate in the world….

  • @Filip – he does, actually…

  • Really digging this one. the vocals are perfect and the instrumental does a nice job as well, it’s really simple, not full of energy and big room synths.

  • Same rhythm and structure as Sunshine, and the melody isn’t that far off either, so I’d definitely say there’s similarities between the tracks.

    However, I really like this anyway. Harris rarely disappoints!

  • Excellent production

  • The problem with this remix is that the tune is supporting the vocal, it should be the other way around.

  • @ Joakim well spotted, but that’s often the case with a remix.

    I can’t hear Calvin anywhere in this song. It’s too plain and simple to be any interesting. The highlight of this preview is Florence her vocal.

  • catchy. but becuse of the vocals, the instuments got nothing to do with it. still prefer aviciis bootleg with sunshine

  • this is so simple… calvin come on everybody does things like that nowadays, it’s a little bit an avicii copy…

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