With a successful inclusion in a recent Coca Cola commercial under their belt, Montreal duo Adventure Club continue their studio output of heavyset productions with yet another free original to their name. But straying away from the realms of dubstep, the Canadian pair plunges deep into the fierce Electro House vibes that is currently on heavy rotation amongst aspiring producers across the globe. Where the ambiguous top line and easy-going instrumentals make up the smoother section of the production, the addition of grinding chord play, ferocious bass, and even a section of soothing dubstep makes for further testament to the versatile style that has established the duo as firm favorites for the more open-minded fans of EDM.


Adventure Club – Wait


9 Comments to “Free Download: Adventure Club – Wait”

  • not bad, but i wouldn’t DL.

  • who the fuck djs in a tank top? im not even gonna listen to it now!

  • Cool tune. love the contrast

  • carlos MICHAEL WOODS does! IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU? you probably are saying that because you’re fat

  • oh, and AXWELL 2, what matters is the music, not if he DJ’s in a tank top, you prick

  • Shame on you Carlos!!!! Shut your eyes and just listen if it’s anoying!

  • wow, what a nice tune

  • Whoa, nice track, amazing play with the vocals :D

  • Where did these guys come from? Love their stuff

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