Swedish Dance icon Avicii is celebrating hitting the 2 million fans mark on Facebook with a generous pledge to his fans. To celebrate his accession to the ranks of stadium filling live spectacle and chart raking producer, Tim Bergling is giving fans an exclusive free download of his previously unreleased track ‘Two Million.’

While considerable time separated Avicii’s breakthrough single ‘Levels’ and recent release ‘Silhouettes’, the summer is already looking to be a big one for the young producer as he just unleashed his remix of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Superlove’ in anticipation of his exclusive free giveaway ‘Two Million.’ Playing the role as a considerably heavier counterpart to his usual enigmatic melodic stylings and ardent energy of his increasingly popular studio output, the Alcoholic-sampled ‘Two Million’ that has been a staple in his sets lately is sure to gain Bergling a few new fans while posing a significant nod of respect to the loyal fan base that has championed his name on a universal level.

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Avicii – Two Million

Words by Dan Carter

40 Comments to “Free Download: Avicii – Two Million”

  • Hasn’t this been a ID song that has followed Tim during his sets?

  • pretty poor track :( Sounds like a nicky romero imitation

  • Detta är bra!

  • Hmmm.. Sounds rather good, but it started to sound too much like trance at 2.30, don’t know.

  • Decent.

  • I thought Avicii could do better.

  • He played it in Stockholm, march 3rd.

  • Yeah, I hear this track several in his sets! But, i like it.

  • lol dolan

  • Sounds like it took 5 min for him to make this

  • the lead is awesome, the rest Blääää.
    Could have been a great track but idd sounds like a spent-5min-to-produce song

  • Surprised that he kept the ‘Alcoholic’ acapella in the actual finished track.

  • ”Productive studio time on my 6 days off in sthlm! 4 new originals done hollaaaaa! Omw to vegas for XS tonight!”

    yeah because nothing says quality like 4 tracks in 6 days. THIS is the real Avicii. the rest is done by mixing engineers..

  • olle: Do you have a real source on that, or are you simply pooing out of your mouth?

  • Sorry but these tracks are sounding more and more the same. Sub-par quality from Avicii. Artists need to step up there sound in this progressive Genre. Its getting old.

  • isnt it funny how he’s making a track about how many followers he has hit on Facebook when a quarter of them were probably purchased? haha

  • i dont think so, i remember when levels first appeared on the internet he only had like 300k fans, however now its 2 milion? thats crazy. also this track REALLY sounds generic and NOTHING special at all. i already forgot that truck while i listened to it.

  • det var väl inte snällt att ge sina fans en sån värdelös låt..

  • Cool track gives me the old Avicii vibes when he released tracks like Electric Masturbation, Dukkha and Ryu! :)

  • this is alot better than the shite hes been producing since levels

  • hah, Fail Export!

  • Lol this song has been out for ages, just never got released. C’mon guys it’s a gift, but what would you have expected in stead? a whole album? c’mon.. And I agree, it’s not one of his best works, but hey, it’s free? No need at all to hate on actions like this while so many won’t even come up with giving free tracks away by reaching X likes!

  • @stefan

    to be fair he actually premiered this one at his Levels release party this autumn, think it were in november, so has actually just been out for about half a year, a bit more… Then it’s another thing that he probably produced this one some time ago, but that’s not relevant (and neither is the ”premiere date” for the song either).

    I think this one is awesome.

  • @asdsad

    I know ages is exaggerated, but yea you get my point. It was for all the people aswell here as on Facebook giving critics only, not knowing how to appreciate things without even knowing shit about it :)

  • @majk Man kan inte säga annat än att du är kreativ i dina kommentarer.

    Its a free tune, if it was a masterpice he had put it on beatport.
    It is still better then a whole lot of other realese right now. I like it and will play it in the clubs.

  • Hahaha…. He’s a complete idiot. All his fans like avicii just because of his melodic songs, and now this.

  • he should give us the ”Finally” bootleg :/

  • I would he happier getting a bootleg pack including Sunshine w/ Spectrum tbh :P

    But glad he gave this away, very ”Tim Berg” style, pretty solid

  • ”Generous pledge to his fans”….. Pleeeeeease?! What is he celebrating, reaching the 2 million retard fan base mark? You have to be mentally challenged to like this crap!

  • @ALDO, a free track is quite generous, don’t you think?

  • @wysse
    all tracks are free at zippyshare

  • @majk all tracks are stolen on zippyshare

  • I don’t think it’s particularly good but I have to agree with the comment above:

    Its a free tune, if it was a masterpice he had put it on beatport.

  • @ topic, dude have you seen the future music video with him? why do you think they didn’t show you the mixdown section? it’s a known fact he and all the other dj mag top 10 utilize mixing/mastering engineers to get that radio ready sound. this was a free track = minimal effort. why spend big bucks on professionals on something your giving out for free? same with the h8rs track by steve & the gang, even though he had the nerve to release on beatport it’s still a big difference between the sound quality of that track and let’s say..greyhound why? because the budget was smaller = they mixed/masterd it them selves.

  • Haha.. Funny to see the creation date of the mp3 file, 15th October 2011 01:54 :D

  • @Hector

    well i didnt steal em. i just found a free track:)

  • Don’t know what some of you have!
    I really like this track – it’s something new from Tim, not so Levels-influenced.
    The melodic drop is absolutely amazing, and for the main part he just tried out something new. He just didn’t want to bore us ;)
    Maybe some can’t cope with the non commercial.

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