Fast rising Swiss hopefuls and Helvetic Nerds offshoot Leventina return to the promised land of hotly tipped Electro House contenders with the follow-up to their ‘We’re Gonna Start’ EP for Unreleased Digital, ‘Right or Wrong’. Forging a blissfully melodic canvas of distant leads alongside an inherently emotive top line, Leventina get the balance between radio friendly vocals and consistently solid floor fuel almost spot on. While their overall approach may be a familiar one amid the current digital market, their promising production values remains further testament to this promising duo making affirmative noise from the Swiss underground.

‘Right Or Wrong’ will be released on June 11th.

Leventina – Right Or Wrong

Words by Dan Carter

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  • ”Dyro & Rene Kuppens – Raid” just right before the drop :)

  • wow massive !

    +1 gragory

  • @Gragroy haha indeed, apparently they used the same sample packs.

  • OT: This is some great stuff!

  • Gregory: Exactly!

  • @Bruce Kable

    I don’t think that comes out of a sample pack.

  • @Vicktor

    Hmm, I’m not a producer myself (just a music enthusiast), so I don’t know which sounds exactly come from packs. However, you’d be surprised how many of the sounds come from samplepacks like vengeance. I’ve heard a producer friend of mine at work though, he was able to recreate Toulouse precisely. The drop was some preset in Modern Talking, not sure where the melody came from but it was also simply from a sample pack. Chris Brown’s ”Turn up the music” didn’t use Toulouse, but the melody from the sample pack. A very good exampe of a sample used in a LOT of songs is the high female ”WOO” sound that Steve Angello first used in Knas. It’s also used in Prutataaa and several other more unknown tracks I came across.

    Long piece of text lol. But bottom line, my guess is that it’s a sample from a preset pack.

  • @Bruce:
    Yes, producers use alot of samples and presets in synths, but the Tolouse lead is more than a preset. Romero used the guitar amp in Logic the get the sound, he’s not using a preset, at least not for the entire sound.

  • @APAN

    True, I didn’t mean that Nicky just copied and pasted 2 presets and released it, of course there’s much more to producing, and especially Nick’s mastering is what makes his tracks gold. I was just trying to show that a LOT of sounds are from sample packs/presets, and that they can be used in different songs.

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