While France can be charged with producing a fair selection of Electronic legends over the years, few are showing as much enthusiasm for the nations floor-filling future as Tristan Garner and his Xtra Life imprint. Welcoming Lyon’s own Tony Romera and fresh-faced Russian talent Duher to their extended European stronghold of finely crafted Electro cuts, both artists relish in their successful conquest of the imprints recent production competition with prize-fighting juggernauts ‘Mad’ and ‘Millenium’.

Diving from heavy-set lead play to a succinct stab of high-end synth work, ‘Mad’ apexes with that inherently popular blend of stern beats and grinding low-end chords to prove that a little fresh blood can stir even the most familiar sub-genres into a state of recovering enthusiasm. Cloaked in euphoric lead work and ardently blending the realms of both Electro and Progressive House, Duher’s ‘Millenium’ emerges as a suitable amalgamation of the two genres to top a successful investment into the future for Xtra Life.

The first volume of Xtra Life’s New Talent EP series will be released on August 7.

Tony Romero – Mad

Duher – Millenium

Words by Dan Carter

4 Comments to “Previews: Tony Romera – Mad / Duher – Millenium [Xtra Life]”

  • Two great producers, both tracks are awesome.

  • Love it!

  • Duher just does it for me. holy fuck that drop!

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