Outside of his affiliations with La Riots, Jon Peganto’s Hot Mouth moniker has continued to strike waves in the dotted Electro House. Handed the reins for Sebastien Drums latest vocal offering for Roger Sanchez’s Stealth Records, however, the LA native and longstanding stateside stomper gives the House orientated groover ‘French Rules’ a typically American facelift right in time for the impending summer festival season.

Still inherently led by a formative top line courtesy of soulful homeland peer Niles Mason, Peganto uses his Electro persuasion to craftily weave a subtle undertone of grinding floor-fuel into the more straight-laced original with maximal energy. Mixing up the more-predictable Electro sound scope with dotted lead play and inherently discordant interludes, Hot Mouth beckons a far stronger backbone to this otherwise traditionally European offering from Sanchez’s esteemed imprint.

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Sebastien Drums feat. Niles Mason – French Rules (Hot Mouth Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

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