Already a definitive force in universal song writing, the collected offerings of EMI approved double-act Miriam and Olivia Nervo have proven increasingly popular across the spectrum of Electronic music. Launching into their inaugural release for 2012, Nervo are on hand to inject a solid melodic core into what started as a collaborative effort alongside Swedish peer Avicii.

Taking the reins of their own emotive top line, ‘You’re Gonna Love Again’ carries all the familiar hallmarks of a melodic anthem. Amid the prancing synth play and dutifully cut transitions towards pumping Progressive House, there is an air of dignity and considerable persistence to this universally accessible injection of pop-induced club fuel. With a whole host of singles still on the horizon and a further collaboration with Nicky Romero ahead of them, these leading ladies of Electronic Dance Music are sure to be building on the positive momentum that has engulfed them 2012.

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Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Release: Nervo – You’re Gonna Love Again”

  • So, Nexus Dance Piano 2oo7, we meet agian.

  • thats ”the avicii” and the sound i felt in love !!! so powerful !!!

  • What happened with Avicii?

  • Avicii was just helping the girls if I recall correctly. He didn’t produce the song. So it’s all NERVO? Not sure though!

  • Haha Marcus, good one. but it’s not only the Nexus Piano, those filtered Arps in the breakdown and the high-pitched Pluck but even the High lead is Avicii’s legacy

  • Mikey is correct. This track was produced by NERVO and Matt Schwartz. Avicii has a co-writers credit but that the extent of his involvement :)

  • Avicii probably just wrote the melody and Matt Schwartz produced it. possibly?

  • loved it! <3

  • so these bitches aint producing their own music?

  • Not sure if Avicii had anything to do with this version. The previous version floating around YouTube was definitely by him though, had all his synths and the same drums as Fade Into Darkness.

  • Mikey and Nicko are correct, he just co-wrote the song AND they do produce their own music… as well as other peoples’ music haha

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