With one of the most highly anticipated debut albums of the year ahead of them, inseparable studio force AN21 and Max Vangeli would have struggled to bag a stronger second release than title track ‘People of the Night’. On the back of their countless collaborative outings and ‘H8RS‘ alongside Steve Angello, the second single of their Size Records album sees superstar Dutch stronghold Tiësto join the ranks for a memorable look at what is to come.

First premiered by Pete Tong last summer, the duos superior melodic stylings are met with Tiësto’s stern production values and a divine top line courtesy of Lover Lover’s Eleanor Bodenham to craft a worthy collaboration for this triple threat of European talent. Still a pet favourite of the Swedish House Mafia, their forthcoming album is sure to beckon the same impressive properties of this sterling second instalment.

‘People of the Night’ will be released July 2 on Size Records.

Words by Dan Carter

23 Comments to “Preview: AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiësto – People Of The Night [Size]”

  • Finally! It’s gonna happen! :) ))))

  • but still only the title track… I want the whole album cause there are really a LOT of good tracks on it like Fresh start, whisper and story :)

  • BeatMyDay, do you maybe have any news about the collaboration Avicii was talking about in i believe 2010 that he’s doing with Ingrosso and Tiesto, track called ”Generations”? :)

  • David: Unfortunately not.. Pretty sure that ain’t happening but you never know.

  • lol the preview is from july 2011.
    Anyway really excited about this one, and the whole album sounds promising (I mean the few tracks we all heard, fresh start whisper, …)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0FOht3te20
    this must be the best track of the album. love it, so fuckng insane

  • Anton: There is actually a track floating around the web, by these 3 calles Generations, but i’m assuming it’s fake, right?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onxeAbrTsnc

    That track is rumoured to be Generations. But no confirmation yet. Tiesto played it in his sets, but nobody knows the ID.

  • omg, this really sucks. I mean, are they kiddin’ me? the vocals are horrable imo, and they could have done this much much better… just hope that the final version will be better, this is after all a very old preview. Looking forward to the album!

  • It would make a pretty sweet instrumental, really cheesy eurodance vocals though.

  • Atleast Max took of his cap :)

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  • all in all these kind of templates are very common..

  • Lets hope ‘Story’ has also a single release :P

  • Story is the best track of the album, no doubts. But surprised about a final release of ”people of the night”, it’s about fucking time…

  • Kate Elsworth’s vocal?

  • Endless: Nope, Eleonor Bodenham.

  • Vocals are horrible! Track is kind of boring..

  • I wonder how many tracks they have made by themself?! Steve Angello and company has probably made most of these tracks. There must be a reason for them not remixing any tracks at all!?!?

    They can’t produce!!!

  • @chris U listened to H8ters, then you know who CANT produce:D

  • Will the album be released on 25th of june or just this single?


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