Standing somewhat comfortably as Europe’s wackiest Electro outfit to date, Stockholm’s Dada Life drop the bananas to don themselves another fine vocal offering in the form of ‘Feed The Dada’. Where their sudden transition from instrumental sample-masters to full-fledged vocal mongers may have made for mixed reactions from the outset, their union alongside renowned homeland vocalist Daniel Gidlund makes for another positive spin on their radio-friendly credentials.

Far from your sugary Electro-crossover, Gidlund’s pitch-perfect top line remains embedded within the duos signature blend of coarse lead progressions and grinding chord play with little sign of compromise in terms of club worthy quality. While ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt’ was always going to be a distinctly tough track to follow-up on, their latest vocal romp proves that these once opposing forces can work in harmonic union with increasingly vigorous stamina for the club floor and festival circuit alike.

Update: Official studio preview added:

Update: ‘Feed The Dada’ will be released August 27.

Dada Life playing their new single at Summerburst Gothenburg

Words by Dan Carter

14 Comments to “Preview: Dada Life – Feed The Dada”

  • Love the drop. Enough said.

  • FINALLY! Been waiting ages for this BANGER!

  • amazing tune with amazing vocals.

  • VERY GOOD! Fuzzy shit

  • Alltid leverans!

  • This is some dope shit!

  • Någon info om release?

  • Dada Life slaktade allt på Summerburst, sjukt jävla bra!

  • Elias: No info on the release yet. Supposed to be coming out on their own So Much Dada label.

  • Told you, Daniel Gidlund on vocals ;)

  • still don’t know the official release date yet :(

  • Hell Yeah!!!

    Release 27th of august! :)

  • Hell Yeah!!!

    Release 27th of august! :)


  • good articles

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