From Pier 94 to sharing the stage with Madonna at UMF, there is no denying that the live presence of Swedish superstar producer Avicii has well and truly exploded. But live footage have revealed a new state of the art stage show to accompany his live appearances throughout his “Le7els” tour.

First premiered at Coachella without the functionalities of the moving platform, the first stop of the North American leg of his ‘Le7els’ tour, which runs from June through to August, showed off the full potential of this exciting new live endeavour for the popular Swede. While the image of a large head may not be significantly epic, the potential for a flying aspect makes for a groundbreaking development in live DJ sets.

About halfway through his set, the several thousand strong crowd at Tampa Bay Times Forum last night watched as four wires lifted the top of Avicii’s much talked about new head production to then slowly move it forward over the crowd on a moving track connected to the ceiling. After spending a solid 10-20 minutes winched down considerably far from the actual stage, the platform then finalized the trick with a reverse movement towards the stage and docked back onto the head.

Some amateur photos of the top of the head in action:

/Dan Carter & Anton

22 Comments to “Avicii debuts flying feature of new stage production in Tampa”

  • well i saw him one year ago and he really is a bad dj, he just presses play and ALWAYS does the same one hand in the air moviement throughout his whole set. (google him getting 140k for a club opening in sydney, where he just plugged his iphone in and pressed play).

    saw axwell two days ago and he was a genious. axwell doesnt need all those effects to show that he is a great dj

  • @wazzupoo Haters gonna Hate. I dont see anything wrong with Aviciis performances. People go there for the music, or at least I do and he delivers everytime. Ofc it may seem boring since he plays the same tracks but not everyone go to all this sets. If u mean that he plays a finished mixed well then I agree with you.

    On Topic. Cool stuff but it looks really dangerous and how do they manage with the cabels or does it mean that his not the one mixing?

  • @wazzupoo Got some evidence of this: “(google him getting 140k for a club opening in sydney, where he just plugged his iphone in and pressed play).” ?

    + Isn’t the first time I saw the stage move above people’s head, saw it for the first time on a Youtube video here:
    But still quite impressive ;)

  • @ASM on photo 1,2

  • Yes hi is a bad dj! At summerburst gothenburg he pressed cue so it went silent and blamed it on the player LOL. If it now was one bad player why dont start playing on one of the other 3 working players? Instead he has to make a big scene of it like it was a productions fail

  • @ wazzupoo You can’t blame him for doing the same sets over again. It must be really, really hard to vary the sets with over 300 gigs a year. And about the effects and the extra for making the show fantastic, just look at Deadmau5.

    His effects gives the show the extra, which makes his shows differ from the others, even though he’s a amazing DJ.

  • It’s not hating he just didn’t learn how to mix well because he produced some excellent tracks and immediately every club owner wanted him to play there. It’s not easy to learn mixing at clubs in front of thousands of people. I can tell the same from Skrillex he is a badass producer too but can’t mix well, definately not a good dj. Also they are playing the same tracks everywhere what is quite boring.

  • I could care less if he’s a bad DJ. He still makes awesome music. That’s all that matters. He even said, he’s a producer first.

  • When is the song at 5:03 in the video going to be released? First good song from Ingrosso and co in years!

  • A flying head…! Was this what all the fuzz about this? WTF!? A HEAD WITH SOME LED LIGHTS?!

    This is a cheap rip-off Eric Prydz shows, Cube show (which he has been running for yeeeears) with the projections mainly but also EPIC with the hologram stage production (although it has no holograms but it seems to be a definite source of inspiration). I cannot believe how easy it is to impress people with crap like this, specially in the US. Zero points for originality from me (but who am I to judge huh?!) Anyway, much cred for filling up such big arenas for so many night to come!

  • Haha! What’s the purpose with the whole head thing. I would build an on stage elevator (levels :P ) that would drop with the drop and elevator buildup shit ….

  • the head is a perfect copy of his manager Ash. MULTI LOL. megalomaniac ratatat
    the flying feature is ridiculous. ejection seat. flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    he is the one of the most overated edm artists.his tracks are very basic, he uses synth factory presets. the only + are the catchy melodies..does avicii mix??? I think he plays the same pre-mixed set over and over. and people still pay to see him perform.

  • i dont mean to hate, but considering axwell is a great PRODUCER and a great dj (who can actually dj with 4 decks and not just play one song after another like avicii)

    here is the link to the article with avicii playing a prepared set from his iphone:

  • Quit the “does he mix or not” discussion already, it’s been going on for over a year now… It’s not like people attend his show to see him throw down 5 acapellas mixed live with one instrumental, but to hear some good commercial music. For that, he’s amazing!

    As for the head, it looks really cool. I doubt any of you would just stand there bored to death while seeing the stage elevate to new levels (lol….) and fly over your heads. Those who would should never be allowed to attend any show of any kind.

  • Caring more about flying stages then house music, this is how it came about :D

  • If Avicii is or not a good dj is another debate (though I think he’s a very good producer but an horrible dj). The matter, and I agree with Michael B, is that he become megalomaniac..
    Why are djs not among the crowd? The main goal for everyone in a club including the dj is to party, so why do they whant do be inaccessible? I’m a huge fan of djs and I admire them but why the hell such a deification?
    Look at this show of Alesso @ Roxy . That’s what I call a club: I mean, if I were dj, I would LOVE to play among clubbers who are here to party with me, to share with me!
    All this lets me sceptical.

  • @Paula are you sure this is the right video? cause the crowd freaking sucks, but i agree with you that djs should be within the crowd

  • Yes I was not mentioning it for the crowd but for the position of the dj

  • Crowd sucks but so does the music, what do you expect? :)

  • Sure is mad in here.

    To actually discuss the topic at hand I think that this is amazing and something that alot of big DJ’s should strive for; to constantly push the limits for what a show can offer. The whole thing truly looks sick.

  • [...] on the heels from the showcase of the flying function of his new stage production and following on from its extended overdue release, Avicii teams up [...]

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