Fresh off the mark from a storming session at EDC Las Vegas, it has been confirmed that European House protagonists AN21 and Max Vangeli will release their full-length debut album ”People of the Night” on August 6th September 3rd via Steve Angello’s Size Records imprint. Despite dropping exclusive cuts from the album during their sets for the past year, the album has taken more than two-years to complete and accumulated more than 30 productions across the entire creative process. With collaborations coming from the likes of Steve Angello, Tiësto, Michael Woods, Moguai, Congorock, Kim Fai and many more, People of the Night is set to incorporate a vast array of styles throughout.

From such enigmatic vocal pieces as ‘Whisper’ alongside Example and their forthcoming emotive title track ‘People of the Night‘ alongside Tiësto, such heavier cuts as ‘H8RS’ bridge the gaps between their creative influences to mark what could be one of the most varied Progressive House records of the year. Set to encompass the diverse journey that both esteemed artists have encountered over the past several years, Angello’s infamous protégés are said to have made their debut album a personal musical instalment alongside some of their friends within the industry. Having dropped the album’s personally charged first single alongside Steve Angello last month and with the album’s title track set for release on June 25, the summer is looking set to prove that those with a limited sleep pattern make for the more exciting Dance assets.

”People of the Night” will be released August 6th September 3rd on Size Records.

Update (30/8): Tracklisting now available:

1. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiësto feat. Lover Lover – People Of The Night
2. AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Bnann – Glow
3. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Congorock – Lost
4. AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Julie McKnight – Bombs Over Capitals
5. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS
6. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Michael Woods – Nightfall
7. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Fresh Start
8. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Vafan
9. AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Example – Whisper
10. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Diet
11. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Moguai – Brunette
12. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Kim Fai – Story
13. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Square One
14. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Shades
15. AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Rudy – This Far

Preview snippets of the complete album on Amazon.

Some tracks from the album:

AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Example – Whisper

AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Kim Fai – Story

AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Rudy – This Far

AN21 & Max Vangeli – Fresh Start

AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Moguai – Brunette

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Well for me personally the whole thing took way too long.
    Shouldn’t it be released last year?

  • Seriously. The poetry like wall of text you write up is ridicolous. Even more ridicolous when these big words are being used for cheesy dance music.

    Whisper is pretty good. The rest, meh.

  • @Baaaaaaah, would you mind telling me which words you find ”big” because i cant find any in this article.

    Didnt like h8rs that much but I sure hope story will be on the album. Its huge!

  • YEEEES!!

  • Baaaaaaah: I agree that the writing does not necessarily need such bravado, but you can’t fault it if you spell ‘ridiculous’ wrong :)

    …I’m a fan of their style on ‘Whisper’ and ‘Fresh Start’, particularly the deep toms on the latter, and the collaboration with Moguai is fantastic, but I don’t find the other tracks I’ve heard to be that groundbreaking for an album that has taken so long to produce.

  • @wurl Sorry, didn’t even read this text. I was speaking more in general. It annoys me everytime I visit BMD. Most tracks aren’t worthy of the description they get and it builds a hype (pre-listen) that isn’t fair.

  • @Haroun Oops. And I did it twice.

  • I usually read the texts on this site and I don’t agree with what you’re saying. Dan sometimes uses a few too many adjectives, but never actually says if something is good or bad. His vocabulary however is probably what you are referring to? His choice of words is at times probably a bit too difficult for non-Brits, but having him dumb down his vocabulary because people can’t understand proper English would just be retarded.

    Excited about this album, and excited to hear their collab with Michael Woods!

  • Any more on their collab with swanky tunes? It sound’s so PHAT.

  • @Eric F.

    Is Dan not from Vancouver? Surprisingly, us Canadians are also quite educated.

  • Chris: Nope, Dan is from England

  • @Chris *we Canadians ;)

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  • Does anyone have some insight in whether or not the track with Darwin&Backwall and Sebjak will be on the album?

  • Haha ”Vafan” nice

  • Well I would like to really see some opinions in those texts here… I actually miss a personal note or stuff like this a lot… so crappy just to describe something but don’t add how it really feels…

  • 12. AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Kim Fai – Story

    I hope that track didn’t got changed…

  • I’m super excited for ”Whisper”, the only song i like from what i’ve heard…

  • Wasnt there supposed to be a track with or versus Lenny Kravitz?? There was a video a few months back of Angello playing it..


    This is the new version of ”Brunette”, Track has totally changed.

  • And Where’s the collab’ with Swanky Tunes… ?

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