Mixing up the national boundaries usually regimented within Electronic Dance Music, Canadian / Scandinavian collective Ansol join rising Dutch talent Dyro to don their triple threat charm to Wall Recordings with ‘Top Of The World’.

Given a spin at the momentous Ultra Music Festival in Miami by Wall ringleader Afrojack, their three-way effort proved an intense effort for these promising young European producers. Leading with a rich and emotive top line, ‘Top Of The World’ carries all the powerful hallmarks of a solid Dutch House contender without conforming the grounds of a senseless repetition of Wall’s more familiar sound scope. Moulding itself a dynamic backbone of grinding chords and extensively tuned lead play, this trio emerge as a genuine highlight amid the hustle and bustle of Ultra and are sure to have caught some positive attention in the lead up to its now anticipated release.

‘Top Of The World’ is set to be released on July 9.

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Preview: Ansol & Dyro – Top Of The World [Wall]”

  • FINALLY! been replaying the live rips of this for forever

  • This is one of THE biggest tracks for the summer!!! 2012 is Dyro’s year!

  • Been waiting for this damn song since Ultra

  • Can’t Wait, It seems a bit slower, maybe because i heard so many rips of it XD

  • is it only me that thinks that the vocals are terribly bad chopped and played around with? sounds like it’s out of beat etc…

  • I agree, the vocals are bad imo but the rest is pretty sick

  • FINALLY !!! guys you should put a preview of Dyro’s new track ‘Paradox’ out this Monday on Revealed :)

  • vocals sound nice like that…

  • few words are not really in key but it’s still a killer track. The chords before the drop are one of the best I heard in long time!

  • One of my favorites this year so far, actually. Much due to the amazingly chopped and tuned vocals. Sounds so unique and refreshing!

  • Hopefully the Afrojack Edit will fix the vocals! Haha. If not I want an instrumental.

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