As all roads point to the Dance floor for 2012, Helsingborg’s renounced trouse enthusiast turned euphoric House cadaver Marcus Schossow has certainly been turning heads for the all the right reasons. Joined by Sweden’s Matias Lehtola, the 25-year-old Tone Diary commander follows up the powerful ‘Never Say Never’.

In a bid to extend the union of euphoric leads and Progressive beats that has outright slammed the digital market of late, Schossow’s apt head for the realms of tight-necked trouse proves key to this modern age floor-filling escapade. Mirroring the beautiful harmonic ranges of the tracks divine topline with a sequence of illusive synthwork and steady rhythmic drives,  ‘Who You Are’ marks a positive spurt towards the more uplifting avenues of EDM without compromising on the raw energy that is proving pivotal to the genre’s ongoing global success.

‘Who You Are’ will be released on July 2.

Words by Dan Carter

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