For all the positive surges in Russia’s fast-developing EDM scene, few have touched on the youthful exuberance of Engel’s own Arty. Amid his globetrotting festival appearances and contributions to Axtone and Anjunabeats alike, the young euphoric heavyweight returns to the renowned imprint of Above and Beyond to extend his reign with ‘Open Space’.

Still packed with the divine and deep melodic hallmarks that have characterised his untimely accession to the ranks of MTV approved Progressive pundit, ‘Open Space’ provides a coarse and grinding sound scope that still manages to build upon the euphoric grounds he has championed for well-over two years now. Without selling himself short amid the current heat of the industry’s most sought-after season, the explosive talent retains his title as one of the more extensively consistent producers to emerge from Russia.

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Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Release: Arty – Open Space [Anjunabeats]”

  • hur kan ni ha missat att slänga upp sunset miracles? :P

  • I thought this track was nothing special until EDC. Absolutely fucking MASSIVE.

  • worst track he ever made imo

  • It’s really sad what progressive house has become this year. Every track follows the same pattern, the same formula – everything sound so generic, so weak and so lacking in creativity.

    Fortunately there are a few exceptions, looking forward to Fehrplay’s release on Pryda Friends next week, but otherwise prog has taken a huge fall this year. I would advice Beat My Day and every reader to check out more techno, tech and deep house – there is no lack in creativity there. Hopefully the continuing rise of those genres will force producers to adapt, because this is starting to become an awful development.

    Get back to grooves, funk and rythms, because “bangers” and “sick drops” are quickly becoming old.

    And I am a big fan of Arty. He and Mat Zo represented something new and fresh in prog house.

    Just my take on it……

  • Is it just me or is this track REALLY lacking low end?

  • get’s better with time (: i’m gettin like it though i thought it’s a piece of crap back in may

  • heutZe : Are u serious? techno, tech and deep house sound the same things during 6 min. prog house got a intro, build up, drop, ans this is good. Techno, always exactly the same structure without any changes, plus it’s boring. Don’t speak about “creativity” omg ahahaahahahaha !

  • @heutZe: You want us to stop listening to tracks like this because it’s repetitive and generic, but you suggest we listen to techno, tech, and deep house…. do you realize that those genres are completely based off of repetition and simplicity? Like i really hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • @Brandon&Bigbrother: Yes, I’m dead serious. Listen to an entire Bedrock compilation and tell me that all those tracks sound the same and is less creative than this shit which is what you call progressive house these days…

  • @heutZe: I totally agree with you.

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