In anticipation of his Wall debut ‘Top Of The World‘, Dyro makes his fifth appearance on a label that’s been playing an essential role in his rise to the status of one of Holland’s most valued Electro House talents from the outset. Following on from the well-acclaimed ‘Raid‘ alongside Rene Kuppens, Jordy von Egmond, better known to the world as Dyro, is brought back to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings for the release of ‘Paradox’. Teeming with soothing interludes and blistering lead work similar to that of his distorted signature sound, ‘Paradox’ may not appear as the most original amidst his streak of heavily supported club cuts but comes forth as another solid addition to his belt.

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8 Comments to “Release: Dyro – Paradox [Revealed]”

  • riktigt trött faktiskt…

  • my god; the same stuff over and over again.. do i hear the same preset? do i hear a flangered noise in the background? of course i do..

  • Great Track
    I don’t mind that he uses the same sounds :)

  • BORING?? Is this guy going to use the same preset forever?

  • Yes, his tracks does does sound the same, but thats just his signature style. R3hab has had the same sound for some years now, but some how Dyro’s tracks looks too much alike..

  • just wait, he has some killer stuff with new sounds in the works.
    but i agree, this sound gets boring after a while.

  • @Michael :D :D R3hab has a sound for some years now? he’s merely successful in the wider edm ranges since one year..

    I think it’s because he did all these tracks in a short time span where he was up for this style and queued them up to get released..same thing with tommy’ll change. track sucks in my opinion though

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