Taken from Chris Lake’s forthcoming artist album for Ultra, United Kingdom’s high flying export teams up with Sweden’s longstanding Progressive master John Dahlback for ‘I Saw This Before’. Coming on the heels of ‘Build Up‘, Lake’s second album countdown release sees him perfectly match his versatile style with the Swede’s affinity for infectious lead play.

With concentrated energy and modest injections of their own unique studio stylings, ‘I Saw This Before’ laces momentous leads on delicately layered melodies to epitomise a Progressive House gem at its most intense. Set to join an armada of high-profile albums released this year, the addition of this potent club cut and forthcoming efforts alongside Lazy Rich and Tommy Trash make for further believes that Lake’s stand-out album will come out as one of the years most distinctive ones.

‘I Saw This Before’ is released June 26th on Ultra Records.


19 Comments to “Preview: Chris Lake & John Dahlback – I Saw This Before [Ultra]”

  • Wierd, but I like IT!

  • Sounds like a good track being worked by a 12 y old with virtual dj.

  • But at least it’s different, which is a good thing!

  • sounds like someones being raped at @ 1:17

  • When is the release of Lake’s album?

  • The chords sound a bit like faithless?

  • Sounds huge.It really differs itself from the generic big room tracks

  • hahaha.. den blir nog fet

  • FETT

  • Wow this is weird but in a good way, I like it

  • fy fan va feeeeet

  • LOVE IT!

  • Sounds Style of Eye-ish. Nice.

  • Fy fan i helvetet va bra

  • VERY BIG!!!!

  • a beautiful catastrophe

  • This is awesome. It reminds me a lot of when John Dahlbäck released Kairo. Not necessarily in that it sounds the same but it’s so damn refreshing from all the other tracks out there at the moment.

  • it grows for every play! good with something new and refreshing

  • Chris Lake is Scottish!

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