Bonded brothers of the transient peak timer Matisse & Sadko have had little cause to fret over their now promising industry shelflife. Having scaled the likes of Axtone and Armada music alike, the Russian duos follow-up remix to M-3ox’s ‘Beating of my Heart’ strays unexpectedly from the comfort zone of EDM to take on American Rock outfit Shinedown’s stadiumesque single ‘Unity’.

But when the piercing call of Matisse & Sadko’s frisky key work breaks the surface of the original’s moving vocal line, ‘Unity’ takes flight towards the realms of radio friendly club music with little compromise on energy and integrity throughout. Despite the seemingly unfit match, this forward-facing remix is as strong an indicator of the true potential of modern EDM as it is the quality of remixes currently on offer amid the genre’s most prolific year to date.

The Matisse & Sadko remix is released July 31st.

Words by Dan Carter

21 Comments to “Preview: Shinedown – Unity (Matisse & Sadko Remix)”

  • <3

  • Matisse & Sadko as avicii…

  • Sick track! Just like Axwell said @ Izvestiya hall: Russia is the new Sweden.

  • ‘Russia is the new Sweden.’ (Axel Hedfors)

    true story guys!

  • @noik: you read my mind :D

  • good track but it sounds too mmuch like the beating of my heart remix …
    as dari1495 said, I hope they don’t become like avicii making the same sound over and over again

  • Seeeeeeeeeeexy!!!!!!

  • LOVE their happy sound, especially now when it is summer! :D

  • this was from their set at sensation (?), i knew it would be called unity…maybe i stalk their twitters too much…..

  • melfres: This was from their guest mix for Swanky Tunes – Showland

  • I agree that I hope they will change sound in the future, but at the moment I just don’t get tired of it. just loving the happiness with their sound!

  • @Anton oh no, i meant when i heard it first!

  • finally! I haven’t felt chills like this in a while! :D

  • amazing stuff

  • Lovely

  • haha they even use the same sound 1 beatbefore it drops!
    they sure just used the same project as beating of my heart and changed some stuff

  • @dante who cares?

  • nice vocal,awesome track!

  • Hey guys, definitely a sick track from these two. We think they’ll be huge down the road, they’ve got that ”mainstream” style that could be really well received.

    We wrote a blog post about these two on our blog and would like you to check it out! We could really use your feedback.

    Cheers guys, keep it up!

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