After uploading all black cover photos onto their individual fan pages just after 9 PM (CET), Swedish House Mafia announced at 11:07 PM (CET) sharp in a heartfelt message to their 3 million Facebook fans that they are about to embark on their last tour as an internationally acclaimed DJ trio. Coming as an utter shock to most fans across the globe, the aftermath of one last summer residency at Ushuaia, the landmark showcase at Milton Keynes Bowl on July 14th and a notable first homeland show at the end of the year will see Swedish House Mafia step away from the decks one final time to most likely put their efforts into further forging their paths as highly successful solo artists.

With their sixth and probably final single ‘Don’t You Worry Child‘ set for release July 16th and a second documentary on the way, Swedish House Mafia will be signing off after years of pioneering the global Dance music scene with a homecoming performance at Stockholm’s Friends Arena on November 24th.

The final leg of the Swedish House Mafia journey will be announced in August.

Update: Swedish House Mafia have announced that the interview with Sebastian Ingrosso in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is fictional. Stand by as we await the official reason(s). Post re-edited.


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  • what is this leg that you speak of?

  • haha, I think they will announce their last show in August! #shmforever

  • If they continued to work as Swedish House Mafia, they would go on to become bigger and work with bigger artists in the mainstream genre, so there is a good side to this if you don’t want EDM going on the wrong path. Just my opinion, but can’t wait for their last single and they’re individual productions!

  • such a joke. ””[the decision] has been in the making for quite some time.” then why would axwell post on his facebook that rumours of them breaking up weren’t true? something is fishy here haha.

  • SHM twitter just said this interview never happened…

  • lol beatmyday.. not good, not good at all for u guys

  • the FINAL LEG MEANS THE FINAL TOUR? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP M EOUT HERE…. I need to know is they are gonna announced more dates cause i have never seen them live :(

  • S.A: Question is how could we have known?

  • nicole: No it means, a final show. They will probably announce their last show in August.
    Anton: You should have known better, confirm it with them first before posting shit like that.

  • come one S.A. give the guy a break, all of sweden thought that this was real

  • Calm down, dude. This site isn’t the only one that jumped the gun.. and doesn’t ”leg’ usually mean several shows? Like when artists have North American or European legs of their tour?

  • S.A: Yes, my apologies. You learn from your mistake and this was the last time I’m ever trusting anything that’s not coming directly from the source. Although seeing as Aftonbladet is one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, one wants to believe that they atleast would never make a complete interview up…

    Alex: Actually, it says ”journey”, not ”tour”. So the last part of the journey of the Swedish House Mafia will be announced in August I believe.

  • I’am calm. Just a bit upset beacuse the article that aftonbladet posted portrayed Sebastian Ingrosso in a bit of a bad way. + the article wasen’t even true. beatmyday has a responsibility to post true shit. And have their own sources! Not rely on aftonbladet (a site that makes up certain facts all the time)

    Don’t know. But i don’t see any reason why the would do a tour. It’s not the SHM style to go on a tour. they have special events like MSG, Friends Arena, Milton Keynes. It would be ridiculous to announce a breakup and then go on a tour for several months or so.. And SHM are KING so they wouldn’t do that. They are not like tiesto, david guetta or avicii.

  • S.A: Indeed we do. As I said, this is the first and last time we ever publish something that’s not coming directly from the source.

    Very sad to see such a big newspaper as Aftonbladet make a complete interview up though..

  • Goood! See you at Friends Arena! Trist att detta har skett, följt dessa grabbar i 7 år. <3 :,(

  • Of course i didn’t mean a full-fledged tour. I meant that possibly they would announce multiple arena shows like in Staples, O2 London, and maybe MSG again in December. It’ll be interesting to see how they choose to close it out.

  • Ses där :) Verkligen, kommer bli ett känslosamt farväl i Stockholm..

  • absolutely, but I think SHM prioritize their fans and explain the ”whys” to us first probably through own website. Gonna be interesting to hear! I think it has something to do with axwell vs steve & seb or something. Must be something like that, steve and seb are so mutch a like compared to axwell and seb or axwell and angello. But that will forever stay a secret! They won’t risk something that will affect the now legendary brand SHM.

  • Haha aa om, kommer säkert komma en tår från ögat tippar jag på! Sov gott

  • Fan med.. han inte med att se dem och kommer inte hinna se dem i stockholm heller… :(

  • There is a very good side on this. Because now they can make their own individual stuff. After ‘one’ ingrosso only release Calling i think. and their sets are tooo much similiar toeach other .Watching a steve angello gig is 80% of the swedish house mafia sets for example, .Axwell will finally release many lf his great unreleased tracks.

  • shit,shit,shit tickets released on 25:th are DEFINITELY going to sell out now, sneaky shm! haha

  • @S.A ”axwell vs seb & steve what are you talking about? I saw Axwell and Seb together at Summerburst on stage and their private booth, they were acting like childhood best friends. They all are, and they all have been great friends for decades so stop trying to create some fake drama between them that doesn’t exist. Especially when you were just ragging on Anton for posting ‘Sebs Interview’ even though it came from a generally reliable source.

  • So ”the final leg” is 100% sure that will be more dates?? Because I’ve never seen them together in my life and tickets for Stockholm are going to be sold tomorrow. I’m really thinking about buy them……. Sweden is far from my home but if this date will be the last, I would pay the price of the trip guys!

  • aftonbladet vilka fittor

  • @Evan

    Well said

  • dafuq

  • Wanne kankerzooi!!

  • Now are you sure guys that is fake ?! o_O

  • This doesn’t change much. They are huge when on stage solo – and they will still be if this is the case of ending the group. Swedish House Mafias managers are very cleaver dumping the widely interpretable notice on their homepage. They are not stating without any reasonable doubt that they are leaving the world behind – but it makes you think that they might :-)
    They were about to sell out on Friends Arena – and now they most certainly will.
    Once again – this doesn’t change much. Give it some time for them to explain their message after they’ve sold out. I’m still going either way!

  • djlucasthang: We never said that was fake. The interview with Aftonbladet is apparently fake. Not the announcement on SHM’s website…

  • fuck this. gonna have to fly to Sweden then. since i’m sure their last ‘journey’ whatever that means won’t take place in Hungary :D

  • evan: my bad then, just think it’s weard that only steve ang sebastian are playing at UMF b2b. Seb and steve collabed with alesso without axwell on ”why am I doing this”. And axwell hooked a deal as a producer/writer on floridas album not long ago. Im sure they are good friends, but I think they have some differences music wise. And that they don’t think alike to mutch, not anymore. And steve and sebastian are childhood friends let’s remeber that, not axwell and sebastian. Not trying to create drama, you will see yourself after they split up. Thoose who will have the closest relationship is steve and sebastian. Just look at their music style vs axwells. So fucking obvious.

  • I bet they will reunite close to Eurovision Song Contest next year. Remember where you heard it FIRST!

  • @steveangello Hahahaha i’ll remember that!

  • Good for house music. Just my take…..

  • sad to hear this as i never got to see them as a group (though i’ve seen axwell and seb individually) i think they are doing this to focus more on their record labels and individual projects. some people are over-reacting a bit though it’s not like they are dead!!

  • @S.A just cause Axwell isn’t playing with them at a few shows or has a different style musically, doesn’t make him an outcast of the group. They each have their own style sure, maybe Steve & Seb are willing to collaborate a bit more than Axwell but that gives no indication that this is why they are breaking up and how it’ll be ”Axwell vs Seb & Steve” in the future. The reason SHM has been so successful is because of that different aspect they each bring, and that they DON’T think alike. That’s part of the reason groups/duos are so successful they mesh their opinions and ideas together to create something that on their own they wouldn’t be able to do. These guys have been friends for most their lives and aren’t about to let anything ruin that. Nothing is obvious and like Anton told you don’t speculate or say something is going to occur until it actually does or it’s confirmed by the source! Sorry if I’m being rude but I really feel you’re trying to say there’s an issue where there isn’t one and you’re trying to put out this theory of yours as if it’s a fact and it’s going to happen when in reality it wont.

  • @S.A oh and Axwell isn’t producing Flo-Rida’s album. Wild Ones was produced by Axwell by I’m confident Axwell created the Melody and maybe the structure then it was bought from him by a record company who represented Flo-Rida. As for In My Mind (Part 2) Ivan Gough said on twitter Flo-Rida would have just done an identical cover version if they hadn’t allowed him to use it so why not just let him anyway and make some money off of it since it was their creation. That’s about it for Axwell’s involvement with Flo-Rida.

  • Could someone please post the article from Aftonbladet?

  • Who cares? Over-rated, average music. Let them go their separate ways and make generic US-style beats for people like Flo-Rida. That’s all they’re good for and let’s face it, we all need more of that kind of music…

  • @SHm

    Everyone cares.

    Because in the World Dance Scene they left their mark and who does not admit this is just stubborn or one more haters.

    How much greater the artist the greater its number of haters.

  • evan: U totally understood me, I meant no hate against axwell. Im just sayingl Who the fuck knows! One thing I do know is that they will be friends for a long time. And I think this was good for the EDM scene to, but at the same time many emotions are involved of course. But this is good! It will take away a bit of the commercial hype away from the scene. And lol when u look at it, their solo productions rules. So no worries! Maybe it is the friendship that they represent that makes this day a sad day. 3 best friends who took over the EDM in a few years, and now it’s over.

  • I mean it’s quite simpel… They all got kids and families and want to see their kidds grow up, not to be touring 360 days a year! Seems fair enough to have a break now. See ya milton keynes bowl legendary trio! LOOOOVE

  • I don’t even get why people are getting sad by these news? You all do remember that they made Leave The World Behind without having Swedish House Mafia as a name, right? And hopefully Axwell will start releasing some original productions.

    About the August thing; SVT interviewed Ax, Seb & Christian (the guy who filmed Take One) at Summerburst and they mentioned another movie which would be related to their show in Stockholm. Maybe that would be their final ‘thing’?

  • does anybody care about these non-djs? Anyone can whack in a mixed cd at a gig and pretend they’re dj-ing.

  • there are many reaons for the break up. Focuse on solo carrers, living locations (steve,seb LA and Ax in Sthlm). And last but not least, ax is feed up doing all the work and the 2 others riding on his wave.

  • Such sadness, now for the new producers up n coming, how do you get signed

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  • SHM are great and ppl shud respect them, but this is not life and death. Are u serious?? Ppl crying as if someone really important had died.

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