With a second industry landmark for 2012 taking the form of his EPIC Radio show, Eric Prydz gave a sturdy new work from homeland protégé Jeremy Olander a spin amid the second the installment of his already renowned podcast. Already a firm favorite amid Prydz’s Pryda Friends imprint, the Stockholm based producer drives a familiar and melodic twist into Golden Girls’ nostalgic ‘Kinetic’.

More than two decades down the line from the tracks original release, Olander’s 21st century take drives the solid production values and deep emotive resonance of the now genre defying movements that the likes of Prydz and his likeminded peers regularly deal in. But with an inoffensive approach to this forward thinking classic, Olander’s new school studio wit proves the turning point of turning nostalgic memories in landmark industry moments.

Words by Dan Carter

16 Comments to “Preview: Golden Girls – Kinetic (Jeremy Olander Edit)”

  • Probably the most talented guy in the industry.

  • Also, check out his upcoming releases under his Dhillon-alias! Forthcoming on Drumcode I believe….

  • Vet ni något på beatmyday något om när denna låt kommer släppas? hört att den aldrig kommer någon release utan att jeremy endast använder denna edit till sina sets… så brutalt bra!


  • +1 Marcus! Sjukt bra låt!!

  • @Marcus: Jeremy has said he’s not sure if he’s going to release it or not. At first it was ”no, just a tool for my sets” then it was ”maybe”. So, we will see.

    He’s following the Prydz-way of marketing which means that we will not see releases very often and he will always have his fans wanting more.

  • eric has taught him well

  • @Marcus and @heutZe The Gotye edit will remain a tool. Some other cool stuff coming out though!

  • @The Drew: Sad to hear, but I kind of expected it.

  • But I’m looking forward to hear his new stuff. He has some fantastic technotracks in the works along with his prog stuff.

  • So freakin good!!

  • Jeremy Olander is amazing!

  • Got word last night that the remix for Glenn Morrison’s ”Mine & Yours” will drop July 11th. Happy day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVYtxHwaB_Y

  • Thanks Jeremy! Once again, a solid track from a great producer. Hopefully it will see the day of light as well as a release soon…

  • @The Drew, that’s very sad indeed… such an awesome production

  • @Oliver: Eh, no. He’s just using the same sample. This is an edit/remix afterall.

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