Mysteriously appearing in a list of current Tsugi mag favorites, a Daft Punk track titled ‘Renoma Street’, allegedly named after Renoma Café in Paris which is claimed to be known for attracting electronic music producers, has caused a stir amongst Daft Punk fans across the globe.

When asked on Twitter about the release of ‘Renoma Street’ (not to be confused with a track with the same name that leaked earlier this month), editor in chief of world renowned French electronic music magazine Tsugi, Patrice Bardot cryptically answered ”21/7,” hinting at the release date being set for July 21st, the same day as Tsugi’s forthcoming summer CD compilation. With Nile Rodgers having gone on record back in March claiming that the new Daft Punk is coming ”maybe June”, Daft Punk miniature toys already released, potentially to promote the album and the official website ( just back online, the news appear very plausible.

As recently reported by Factmag, who claims to have spoken directly with Tsugi, ”the answer” will be revealed ”on” the next issue of the Tsugi mag, due out July 6th. In spite of the many rumours currently surrounding Daft Punk’s forthcoming fourth studio album, featuring Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Paul Williams and more, the credibility of the acclaimed French electronic magazine suggest that new Daft Punk material will arrive as early as next month.

Furthermore, Chic’s Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson will be hosting a ”Freak Out! Montreux Dance Party” event on July 13th as part of this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival which is set to feature some ”VERY SPECIAL DJ’s”, further fuelling the rumours that 2012 will see Daft Punk make their first official DJ appearance since 2010’s surprise surprise appearance at Madison Square Garden.

More info as we get it.


44 Comments to “Daft Punk to reportedly release new single ”Renoma Street” July 21?”

  • really excited to hear this!


  • Jäkligt roligt att läsa!

  • this is just …. WOW !

  • PLEASE baby Jesus!!!

  • so SHM last single comes out JULY 16, Daft Punk single comes out 7 days later…odd shit going on

  • @berry good
    It’s not 7 days between July 16 and 21th..

  • Det största som har hänt på länge.


  • oops, 5 days, I cant count

  • Haha ;)

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