While the word ‘anthem’ is thrown about quite liberally within House music, few tracks have reigned as supreme on the grounds of nostalgic quality as the Robyn S classic ‘Show Me Love’. But while few have successfully reignited the flame of the soulful original, Eric Prydz emerges from one of his most poignant years of industrious activity with a forward thinking unofficial remake of the definitive 80’s  club landmark.

Proving a staple element of his sets for more than a year, the second episode of his EPIC Radio podcast and last weekend’s appearance at BBC Radio One’s Hackney Weekend saw the emergence of a high quality cut of the infamous remodel. Driving a dark digression into the originals soulful properties, Prydz’s dark and hypnotic lead progressions are met with a cascaded climax of layered synths and strong melodic synths true to his renowned melodic persuasions. While the discordant sample work and heavyset climaxes may not be to the taste of those still infatuated with the good old days of American House music, Prydz confidently crafts ‘Show Me Love’  to fit his Progressive stylings whilst maintaining the timeless beauty of the track throughout.

Words by Dan Carter

17 Comments to “Preview: Robin S – Show Me Love (Eric Prydz Unofficial Remix)”

  • Big fan of Prydz but not feeling this one

  • I’m feeling this one. Very “house’y”. Unfortunately it will not be released…

  • How does he do it…

  • … it’s unbelievable.

    Loving the bass on this one

  • tyckte att Eric Prydz var riktigt bra under den tiden han gjorde “call on me” but after that he went pretty bad…
    But I’ve to say… welcome back Eric!!! your latest music have been soooooo good!!! :D

  • Love Prydz but I’m not a fan, I feel like he kinda killed the song…

  • Shit Prydz :(

  • this sucks? sounds like it’s an amateur that produced this..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3zxaoZW6Q

    Axwell playing it 2009 @ Cocoon, Frankfurt

    pretty awesome if you ask me. Been waiting for this one.

  • heard it on seb ingrosso set 3 o 4 years ago. But guys if prydz plays something like this on the radio is because he wants to play fresh stuff, maybe the track will never be released , is just a bootleg

  • @Alex L: The **** you talking about? His stuff right after “Call On Me” are some of the greatest pieces of music ever produced!

    Tracks like Lesson One, Aftermath, The Gift, Armed etc…

  • Har något nån susning om var tusan som hänt med Axwells alla osläppt låtar? Think about it? Center of the Universe? Har ni från BMD hört något?

  • L: Vad jag vet är Centre Of The Universe helt nedlagd men man vet aldrig. Ej hört något angående release.

  • Alex L: kiddin right?

  • lmao people saying this sucks? biggest remix of show me love

  • Centre of the Univserse nedlagd? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Bland det bästa han gjort :D

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