Appearing as the first official release since his remix of Adrian Lux’s ‘Fire‘, this gorgeous concoction that saw its premiere during Jeremy Olander’s set at the Pryda Friends stage at Creamfields last year is at last about to see its final release as the Swede’s fourth official remix. With the original’s soothing, downtempo style at his mercy, Olander takes a melodic approach to Glenn Morrison’s ‘Mine & Yours’ for his arguably best work to date. Adding canorous lead play and his dark, characteristically crafted basslines to gracefully complement Elise’s indie-like vocal, Olander’s take on Morrison not only makes the celebration of the 100th release off Morrison Recordings all the more special but proves there is at the very least one producer dexterous enough to follow in the footsteps of fellow mentor Eric Prydz.

The Jeremy Olander remix will be released on July 11.

Glenn Morrison feat. Elise – Mine & Yours (Jeremy Olander Remix)


11 Comments to “Preview: Glenn Morrison ft. Elise – Mine & Yours (Jeremy Olander Remix)”

  • Speechless. As I said before, I can’t name a producer with more talent than Jeremy. Sky’s the limit for him!

  • 1:40….wow

  • @heutZe

    I can mention several more talented, Madeon, Julian Jordan, Zedd for example! ;)

  • eric prydz successor!

  • amaazing!

  • @qwerty

    That’s just like, your opinion dude..

    OnT: Fuck this guy is talented. This shit is the bomb.

  • Calling Zedd and Julian more talented than Jeremy Olander and is plain ignorance.

  • Zedd more talented ? I know it’s about own opinions, but c’mon…

    Great remix, would love to put my hands on a instrumental version too.

  • Finally. Been waiting for this bomb quite a while. Nice to see that there are producers out there like Jermey Olander as well as Eric Prydz of course who are not jumping on the ‘flat progressive crap’ train.

  • @qwerty: Sorry, but no..

  • King Jeremy!

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