With their country’s affirmative EDM movements proving just as popular as its infamous club-fuelling spirit, affirmative Axtone favourites Hard Rock Sofa return hand-in-hand with rising homeland peers Swanky Tunes for the trios inaugural imprint offering ‘Here We Go’. Premiered by the Swedish House Mafia during their headline appearance at this year’s Coachella Festival and given a world radio premiere by BBC Radio 1’s Jordan Suckley, ten hands have proven the winning formula for this exciting follow-up to the Russian collective’s numerous collaborative endeavours.

Donning a heavy stimulus to their debut Axtone collaboration, the hard-hitting kicks and penetrating riff work of ‘Here We Go’ permeates the atypical values of their genre with solid stamina and deviant attitude throughout. As Axtone continues to raise the bar where modern House music is concerned, their heartfelt industry progressions are suitably endorsed by a quality installment of festival proof club fuel from one of Russia’s most promising collections of artists to date.

‘Here We Go’ will be released July 9.

Words by Dan Carter

28 Comments to “Preview: Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes – Here We Go [Axtone]”

  • Not liking the artwork atm

  • This track is find huge!!

  • @watsa, you trolling? The artwork is absolutely stunning.

  • Boring

  • f***ing*

  • Love that axtone mixes progressive with electro. Quality all the way! Maybe a bit too repetitive for home-listening but it definitely works wonders live.

    Saw axwell drop this in stock

  • ..holm and people went nuts!

  • Lovely cover and lovely track!

  • Axwell sure likes purple.

  • @Ye!: Hahaha I think so too!

    Sick track!

  • Great track….horrible description. Stop trying to sound so educated, it comes off so badly. ”Donning a heavy stimulus?” ”permeate the atypical values of their genre?” You make no fucking sense!

  • @Annoyed: Don’t be upset just because you lack the brain power to look at the genre of EDM from a more refined point of view. On the contrary, the description of this track is both eloquent and well-written. That being said, why don’t you try to be more educated so you can appreciate the work that goes into these post?

  • @Annoyed, I prefer this over any other description any day. But I take it you prefer something like this: ”Hi, this is a new track by Hard Rock Sofa and Swanky Tunes called Here we go” ?

    What annoys me are the thousands of music blogs that don’t know shit about writing and simply phrase sentences like you would verbally. I believe mr. Annoyed needs to extend his vocabulary. Make sure you get yourself a thesaurus once you’re at it. So sad to see that humans are getting dumber by the generation.

    As for the track, nice one.

  • I’m educated enough to know that most of those words are used in the completely wrong context. I do appreciate the effort, it just sounds pretty overdone a lot of the time, without making a whole lot of sense. Just my opinion trolls

  • This is probably the worst Axtone release ever.
    Not liking this soulless bigroom-electro-chainsaw-huuuge-drop-sound.

    Just give us Make Up Your Mind Ax!

  • Too little commercial for you manu? :)

    I really fawking love this track, it’s heavy, it’s got speed and the right amount of leveling up the synths. Simply amazing! Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes really pulls it off when they team up, please continue!

  • @mangeBootleg
    Not commercial you say? If there’s one type of music in EDM that’s commercial and overused at the moment, it’s electro house.

    I like the track, but it just doesn’t fit to Axtone at all…
    Axtone is for releases that you will listen to year after year, and not only music you dance to. This track is just the same bass-loop over and over again which is boring to me :-(

  • Nice track.

    Any news about the Pauls Paris track? Will it ever be released on Axtone?

  • Ritchie: Pauls Paris has said that Make Your Mind Up will be released this year (but we all know how slow Axtone can be). He also has Story Of Boy Meets Girl signed to Axtone, we’ll see when that comes out. Also, any info on Hook N Sling – Tokyo By Night (also on Axtone)?

  • Great write up by Dan, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • @EMIL

    Teasing mr charlie is also the same bassline looped over and over again, and i still listen to that song sometimes. This is a quality track.

  • they always make good tracks togheter. loving it

  • Feeding the mainstream, bad track, boring as hell.

  • A bit boring for home listening, but it’s massive live!

  • don’t like it at all

  • @qwerty
    no doubt. but that wasn’t my point. my point simply is that this kind of music shouldn’t be released on Axtone, though it’s good music. i didn’t say that this is a bad track

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  • @EMIL
    i get your point, and i can agree that this isnt suited as an axtone release. like someone said, this track is a bit boring for home-listening, but its a huge fuckin banger live :D

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