BBC Radio 1 have further solidified the fact that Swedish House Mafia have officially called it quits.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, the trio are officially coming clean about their breakup. While speculations as to why have swamped the web since the shocking announcement on the group’s website last Saturday, the official reason appear as simple as ”it felt like the right thing to do,” says Steve Angello.

While the past few years have seen Swedish House Mafia ascend to the status of a groundbreaking presence in modern Dance music, Axwell admits that they now have feel like they’ve pushed the boundaries as far as they could. ”We’ve always been about challenging ourselves and doing unexpected things. Maybe it’s time to do something different now. We didn’t want to end up repeating ourselves.”

Currently preparing themselves for the landmark performance at Milton Keynes Bowl in two weeks, three sold-out homecoming shows at Friends Arena in November and further worldwide dates set to be announced in August are to make up the final leg of the Swedish House Mafia journey. ”We’re gonna go out with a bang,” says Steve Angello.”We see this as the end of an amazing journey we’ve done as friends.”

Although the breakup is imminent, a recent EMI press release sent to us on Tuesday, June 26th, reveals that they will continue to make music together, making for the fact that the announcement will, for now, only result in no more Swedish House Mafia tours.

Listen to ”Don’t You Worry Child” HERE.

Update (11:51 PM CET 27/6): The exclusive 11 minute interview with Pete Tong saw the trio confirm the aforementioned facts, adding that they have a whopping 28 unfinished productions, the fact that there will be a farewell single as well as their thoughts on the Milton Keynes Bowl show and their three homecoming performances at Friends Arena in November.

Listen to the complete interview again:

Fan-made video tribute for your ultimate dose of Swedish House Mafia nostalgia:

Source: BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat


27 Comments to “Swedish House Mafia split: ”we didn’t want to end up repeating ourselves””

  • Great!

  • They are better by themselves than together tbh, just great that they split up so Axwell can do his own thing.

  • Qwerty: Well said! But not only Axwell, Steve and Sebastian too. Although Axwell has some really sweet stuff (Center of The Universe, Inside of Me, and that banger from a Calsberg commercial).

  • Så synd att dom splittras :’(
    Verkligen en stor förlust för house musiken.
    SHM <3

  • det är knappast en förlust att dom splittras

  • This video contains content from Ultra Records (MVR) and EMI, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    somebody please upload this video to another site like vimeo

  • @Mitchlillen

    It’s just a tribute video, and all of the clips are from ”Take One” anyway.

  • Gustav: Nope, they’re not.

  • I second what mitchillen says, it doesn’t play in the US.
    Also what do you guys think of this article ?
    Interesting take on the split i think

  • The music at the background makes you cry, of fuck…

  • you know :D

  • Nothing to see, just clips from Take One.

  • There seems to be a little tension or uneasiness among the now defunct group. Very telling that Pete also called out Sebastian on his low spirits.

    Steve alluded to them making little to no money on the SHM shows. Could it be that this was a reason for the split? They obviously put a lot of effort and time into the production of their gigs, but if they make no money, where’s the real pay-off? Granted they have helped EDM grow…but at what cost to them and at what cost to the dance music scene?

  • SHM have made house music way too mainstream and by telling their fans that they gonna split, they are making a lot of F*CKING money! And hell no, they get a lot of money from their shows, so that’s not the problem. I think that they just want to spend time on their solo career and their family. And when I think Sebastian Ingrosso said that Quality is better than quantity? THEN DON’T MAKE SHOWS SUCH AS MILTON KEYNES BOWL OR MADISON SQUARE F*CKING GARDEN?! I feel bad for the underground artists that seriously spend several hours almost every day in the studio, produce good music and then get ignored by record labels etc. I am not a hater and I am not saying that any of you guys are wrong but spend some little time checking soundcloud users and youtube users and tell me if they aren’t as good or even better than SHM! I hope that Producers/DJs spend time listening to others songs and then maybe help them, what if none of the SHM members had got help from others, would there even be a group called Swedish House Mafia then? No, god bless house music because house music is gonna set you free!

  • @Bandis, tänker du möjligtvis på Centre of the universe?

  • @anonym5:

    I’m not going to sit and defend SHMs every move. But most of the things you say is based on what you think might happened rather than any pure facts at all. These guys have been doing everything from underground too mainstream during the years, and saying that they are all about money makes you wonder weather you’ve been paying any attention at all. So please, they are announcing a break up – don’t make it a conspiracy.

  • Track ID in the background, not One?

  • @John:

    Flying Into Tokyo by Magnetic Man

  • Thx! @Peelate

  • I’m sorta confused, i don’t they answered why they were splitting up properly :\

  • That tribute video is really cool!

  • HAHHA The overuse of ”you know” in the interview is hilarious.

  • You can see in this video in USA, CANADA, GERMANY in

  • Glad I got to see the whole group together at least twice considering I won’t get the chance again… Definitely the best trio group in electronic/house dance music. Really glad they will be producing music together still!

  • I Never got to see them. So sad…

  • My life is officially broken :( :(:( at least I get to see Steve Angello at Belsonic 2013 in Belfast !!!! I will always love you SHM! <3<3<3 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @emillar131 !!! Emotional at dont you worry child every time knowing its their last song together :( :(:(:(:(

  • What would you like to see out of a creative writing short story?

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