With one of the most highly anticipated debut albums of the year ahead of them and an already glowing reputation for tough yet melodic anthems, inseparable studio force AN21 and Max Vangeli would have struggled to bag a stronger second release than hotly tipped title track ‘People of the Night’. Off the back of their countless collaborative outings and their first single ’H8RS‘ alongside Steve Angello, the second cut from their forthcoming full-length Size Records endeavor sees them unite with enigmatic Dutch icon Tiësto for a firm return to their heartrending club stylings ahead of the album’s August 6 release.

First premiered by Pete Tong in 2011, ‘People of the Night’ rallies the duos superior melodic stylings alongside the enigmatic production values of the undisputed Dance music visionary to forge something of a landmark in the genres stadium-esque explosion. Led by the resonant voice of Lover Lover’s Eleanor Bodenham, this all-star spectacle in modern Dance music remains one of the most consistent indicators of AN21 and Max Vangeli’s perfected production dexterity while setting in motion a wealth of hysteria towards a record that has the potential of becoming landmark for artist and industry alike.

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AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiësto feat. Lover Lover – People Of The Night

Words by Dan Carter

15 Comments to “Release: AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiësto – People Of The Night [Size]”

  • The vocals are absolutly horrible, will there be a instrumental version?

  • It’s OK, but not more.
    Pretty sure this not will be a banger.

    I shoud say, dont waste your money on the song so here you have it (link removed)

  • much much awaited…

  • Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker Remixes are also out.

  • Vocals are good imo and for a commercial audience this is definitely a good track aswell!

  • Pretty nice production, too bad she can’t sing. :(

  • weak song :( feels like its not finished just like h8rs

  • She can´t sing ? Are u fucking high man ? lover lover has one of the best voices ever!

  • Att köpa ett mål på McDonalds ger mer välbefinnande än att köpa den låten

  • in love with this track since the first time (sensation white 2011 july). got a bit rusty since then, just like bigger names, like avicii’s long awaited tracks did (penguin, silhouttes). still awesome and can’t wait for the album with WHISPER

  • I’m not really in a position to complain but the song just feels to me like it’s a bit too full or maybe I don’t like the way it’s mastered.

    It’s like vickeiy says. You hear this tracks on rips in bad quality, you like them, they get rusty but you know how they sound in crappy quality and you’re kinda dissapointed when you hear them when fully mastered and good quality…

  • After listening to it a while I think the kickdrum sounds strange and the bass in general is a bit weak

  • This song is an amazing. I don’t understand some bullshit here. Haters will always hate, what else…

  • Ctirad : Stop listenning your zippyshare rip & go ckeck the 320 mp3. See you soon.

  • Bigbrother:
    Item Name Artists Label Price
    3610577 People Of The Night feat. Lover Lover (Original Mix) Tiesto, Max Vangeli, AN21 Size Records $2.49
    TRACKS TOTAL: $2.49
    CART TOTAL: $2.49
    Lossless Upgrades: $0.00
    VAT Tax: $0.37
    GRAND TOTAL: $2.86

    Do you really think, that this makes zippyshare? I do not think. See ya!

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