Hot on the heels from the well-acclaimed first label release ‘Metropolis‘ alongside Nicky Romero, David Guetta brings aboard Italy outfit Daddy’s Groove for their debut installment on Jack Back Records – Guetta’s newly launched record label told to strictly be focusing on club music and aspiring producers alike. Rife with attitude-filled vocals alongside bleepy interludes, heavy-stepping kicks and grinding chord play, the second release off of Jack Back sees Guetta and his three Italian peers unite yet again to follow up a potent collaborative remix of ‘I Can Only Imagine’. In the same vein as it’s aforementioned predecessor, ‘Turn The Lights Down’ sheds further light on not only the perfected studio stylings of the Italy trio but also the quest in which the French chart-monger successfully attempts to establish a counterpart to his radio-friendlier efforts.

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15 Comments to “Release: Daddy’s Groove – Turn The Lights Down (David Guetta Rework)”

  • 1, 2, 3 : TROLLING.

  • I’m sitting here at home, having my daily cup of thee. It’s only natural that I feel absolutely disgusted by this piece of absolute f*cking garbage. Maybe, when my belly is full of Alcohol and I’m dancing my like a brain-dead moron at an event with DJ’sa line-up/setting I do not care about… only than there could be a slight chance where I would enjoy this…thing.

    But as I’ve said so many times before: real music, real art, is to be enjoyed everywhere and every time. Not just after 10 beers.

  • And yes, I said “Thee” because there is no tea like Dutch tea!

  • Vincent van der Spoel, dé elektronische muziek criticus van Nederland.

  • En wie mag u wezen?

  • awwww my ears! is it part of the rework to add these motor saw noises??

  • Vincent: totally agree

  • Sucks.

  • Haters are gonna hate. Fuck you.

  • People are just so fucking yellous, so its unbeliveable.. jesus christ.

  • This is sick, if this would have been a release by Dada Life or Tiesto you’d be eating this shit up right now not hating. You people just can’t accept the fact the David Guetta is both a good producer from multiple stand points, commercial house, electro house, progressive house.

  • @Victor S.
    You mean the people that produces for him are good producers.

  • Victor S. : NO. Personally i know what Dada Life can and have made, and there is no way they coud do something like this. Although Tiesto had some “not that good” tracks, he still wouldn’t do suck a horrible thing. Even though, if it’s a shit track, no matter who made is it still is a SHIT track (at least for me)! And you mean “WAS a great producer”, but that was a looooong time ago. Still, where is the fucking original? :-/ Any info on that?

  • For fuck’s sake. I hate Guetta too but it’s messed up that every track with his name on it will get bashed no matter what. If this was released by an unknown producer, it would never get this much hate.

  • @Alex: Exactly

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