With every possible avenue of modern music dipping its paws into the alleged 21st century club revolution, it seemed safe to assume that ambient Indie outfit Animal Kingdom were far of the mark of a club-orientated facelift. Ontario’s Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres, however, had other ideas.

Buffering their rising reputation for off-the-cuff remix duties, the Canadian duo take on the aforementioned trios latest single ‘Strange Attractor’ cut straight from the loins of their second studio album. As farfetched as it sounds on paper, Dzeko and Torres use their melodic intellect to utilise the divine vocal assets of ‘Strange Attractor’ without so much as a hint of misplaced emotion. Driving eccentric lead work through the notably restrained twists and turns of this official remix, the expanding fate of eccentric Dance crossovers looks exceedingly promising in the hands of this rising Canadian duo and their fearless approach to remixing.

Due for release soon free of charge.

Animal Kingdom – Strange Attractor (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Preview: Animal Kingdom – Strange Attractor (Dzeko & Torres Remix)”

  • seriöst hur många såna här typer av låtar har kommit den senaste tiden? är så sjukt trött på det här soundet, kom med nått nytt please!

  • amazing!

  • vafan: +1

  • @vafan people have their own favorite style, this is probably not yours. so just don’t listen to it. just a thought.

  • great summer feeling in this remix

  • @Vafan, håller med dig verkligen. Men denna var utöver det vanliga. Riktigt bra produktion. Ta en till lyssning!

  • @vafan.

    Håller med, är extremt trött på detta cheesy sound.

  • BOOMB ! like it :)

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