Usually found harbouring a bottle vodka behind the decks and more formally noted as The Netherlands’ most vigorous Dance music export to date, Nick Van De Wall has not let the party boy getup mess with his distinct club outings. But not too far from his atypical scatty Dutch stylings, Afrojack emerges with a forward-thinking first instalment from his debut full-length album.

While the pitch pervading leads that have characterised his signature sound resonate throughout ‘Rock The House’, the tracks infectious melodic builds and heavyset synth work pull on the heart strings of euphoric Progressive House while still encapsulating the gritty energy more formally associated with Afrojack. Despite all the stereotypes that now surround his craft, Van De Wall sets the anticipation for his debut album to a significant high while showcasing the attributes that have kept him solidly in demand across the globe.

‘Rock The House’ will be released July 16 via his own Wall Recordings.

Update: Official video teaser added

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Preview: Afrojack – Rock The House [Wall]”

  • definately the best afrojack tune! sick :D

  • Really loving the track! Takes me back to the days when I first fell in love with Afrojack’s music!

  • Awesome!, i heard a different version of this track that had like a longer intro or something.
    Can’t wait for the release!

  • The best Afrojack track in a longggg time. Really didn’t like Lionheart or Can’t Stop Me – but this I fuck with.

  • FINALLY! awesome tune!

  • Really good song, can’t wait for the release! Also side note, this article is really interesting and definitely worth reading.

  • BLEEP???? Utter crap….

  • better than fatality… thats for sure lol

  • Afrojack just redeemed himself ! this is what I call a perfect track nice tune+epic drop :D DDD

  • Boobs!

  • The melody is sampled from Final Fantasy. @0:53

    Still a good track though.

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