As recently given a world premiere spin on Pete Tong’s ”Essential Selection” on BBC Radio 1, the official preview of Deadmau5 ’s long-awaited ‘Professional Griefers’ has at last hit the web. Set for release on September 2nd, the final version of ‘Professional Griefers’ sees the Canadian mau5keteer turned preacher to the button-pushing generation team up with My Chemical Romance lead vocalist Gerard Way in regular Deadmau5 fashion.

Dealing in discordant lead play and mechanic cadence, Joel Zimmerman’s apex forms a deep plunge into the realms of solid modern Electro House to create yet another belter in favor of his affinity for the notably heavier beats. With his second artist album in the pipeline, the aftermath of ‘The Veldt‘ sees him return to his Electro House oriented signature sound to release one of the most long-awaited Deadmau5 offerings to date.

‘Professional Griefers’ will be released September 2nd.


15 Comments to “Preview: Deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers [Mau5trap]”

  • instrumental FTW

  • Great!

  • FINALLY! Vocals didn’t quite fit IMO, but love the instrumental :) !

  • This vocal is so fucking bad jesus

  • Wow the vocals ruin the whole track. How the hell can i concentrate to the melody or the chainsaw-style madness while listening that guys annoying (for me at least) voice? So I hope for an instrumental. And as i see i’m not the only one here wishing that…

  • Haha, i kinda like the vocals, even if they’re far from the best! but yeah, i think i’d prefer a instrumental version though.

    Joel (Deadmau5) doesn’t know what happened to the vocals, they are not supposed to sound like that.

  • Instrumental ftw indeed. But! I do like the vocal also, somthing catchy about it!

  • I tried to like this track so badly! I listened to it like three times but I can’t focus on the actual track because of the damn vocals!

  • whats wrong with you Joel? are you in depression?


  • This is the worst shit I’ve heard this year. Completely terrible! haha. Jesus christ.

  • Off-Topic:

    Har Fedde Le Grand och Nicky Romero köpt bannern om ‘Sparks’ på eran sida? Money rules…

  • Marcus: Ja. Har personligen inte tagit ut några pengar överhuvudtaget från sidan sedan vi började, men behövs ju pengar för att driva ett projekt framåt.

  • [...] to be the follow-up to ‘The Veldt’ and seeing the light of day ahead of his next single ‘Professional Griefers’, Deadmau5 remains a force capable of pushing all the right buttons for the summer clubbing [...]

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