While 2009’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ proved as popular track to the club floor as it did the charts, new age Australian Rock outfit The Temper Trap tap into the all-embracing Dance music explosion with a high-profile remix offering of their ‘Trembling Hands’ single from Milan’s militant House asset Benny Benassi.

Following on from a stint of production duties alongisde Chris Brown and Gary Go, Benassi engages the tracks naturally uplifting momentum to craft a seamlessly euphoric canvas throughout his melodic club excavation of the duos summer festival cut. For all the mainstream exploits that Benassi has successfully pursued throughout his career, his remix of ‘Trembling Hands’ is sure to prove a festival favorites amid his various summer commitments in Europe and America throughout the summer season.

Released July 8 via Infectious Music.

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Benny Benassi Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

13 Comments to “Preview: The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Benny Benassi Remix)”

  • not bad, but just like all the other hundreds from benassi

  • Refune Release ?

  • artwork looks like it’s going to be on REFUNE

  • The artwork is very alike to the last Refune release, Bong by Deniz Koyu, but I don’t think it’s coming out on that label though

  • Well if you look att the artwork for their album you see that this is just the theme Temper Trap is using.

  • Yes, looks like the Deniz Koyu’s latest released tune ”Bong”

  • it’s not a f’ing refune relase, like they are the only ones that use smoke on the album cover, jeeez haha. pretty nice track to play out on fetivals & such but if you listen close on headphones this sound like shit tbh. i’m guessing benassi got a new ghost producer and that guy didn’t do that good of a job mixing this

  • Great track with great vibes! Love the artwork too!

  • btw…. Bong artwork was based on this.. Not the other way.

  • It is hard to describe… It’s gay, but also nice at the same moment… Gaynice :)

  • Hope it’s NOT refune, because we need YEARS! (or clash or city of dreams)

  • City of dreams will be released on Phazing Records, Years will probably be released this month and i’m guiessing tommy trash & seb ingrosso id in august and then clash in sept:)

  • This is some fucking amazing AMAZING stuff

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