It has been many moons since Wolfgang Gartner first enveloped the scene with his tectonic Electro stylings, but amid a year that has seen him circle Electronic music’s most sought after avenues the American club grinder returns to set the record straight with “Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP.” Where his studio output has proven as resilient as it is varied for 2012, the EPs two offerings hit remarkably close to the roots of Gartner’s heavyset origins. With ‘Girl On Girl’ dipping into the vintage appeal of early House with a strong Electro twist, ‘Girl On Boy’ extends the drive of his familiar grinding chord play with a heavyset twist of sturdy lead work. In spite of speculation that his sound was taking a turn to the calmer shores of Electronic music, Gartner provides a heartfelt bid towards the less predictable realms of his craft with a double-sided leap forward for the increasingly popular sub genre.

Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters Of The 3rd Kind EP

Words by Dan Carter

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