Mixing up the national boundaries usually regimented within Electronic Dance Music, Canadian / Scandinavian collective Ansol join rising Dutch talent Dyro to don their triple threat charm to Wall Recordings with ‘Top Of The World’.

Given a premiere spin at the momentous Ultra Music Festival in Miami by Wall ringleader Afrojack, their three-way effort proved an intense effort for these promising young European producers. Leading with a rich top line, ‘Top Of The World’ carries all the powerful hallmarks of a solid Dutch House contender without conforming the grounds of a senseless repetition of Wall’s more familiar sound scope. Moulding itself a dynamic backbone of grinding chords and extensively tuned lead play, this trio emerge as a genuine highlight amid the hustle and bustle of the festival season and are sure to have caught some positive attention in the lead up to today’s long-awaited release.

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Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Release: Ansol & Dyro – Top Of The World [Wall]”

  • Perhaps time for the duo to learn Melodyne?

  • Feettt!

  • I’m so sick of this Dyro Electro synth. It gets boring after 7 tracks

  • @ASD, that’s the sound they are going for. Every note is not in tune, but they made it that on purpose, and the result is just awesome. I think it sounds amazing, so unique. Wow.

  • So true, tired of Dyros electro synth…. he has to change it

  • Massive, just massive tune!! Waiting for this too long already, will break down the house at TB for sure!!!!

  • Boring really boring…

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