With well over 10 years worth of contributions to an industry that in recent times has witnessed its ascent to the status of a well-acclaimed phenomen across the globe, Olav Basoski’s whopping 23 year long commitment to House music is one of essential properties. Coming off remix duties for Melleefresh and Deadmau5’s ‘Hey Baby‘, Amsterdam-based Basoski joins forces with Hungary’s Crazibiza for a new release off of the Budapest duo’s Pornostar Records. Already brandishing the seal of approval from DMC World’s latest Buzz Chart, ‘On The Run’ and its neoteric House concoction of disco vocals, groovy bass and subtle keys are accompanied by splendid renditions from Muzzaik and Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez to make up another finely tuned package of infectious disco-house for the Ibiza season.

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2 Comments to “Release: Crazibiza & Olav Basoski – On The Run (Incl. Remixes)”

  • Absolutely incredible release, Olav basoski never disappoints

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