Cedric Gervais is back at Spinnin’ Records to officially preview his third coming to the label. Straying notably far away from the controversy surrounding its much talked about predecessor, provocatively entitled ‘Molly‘, ‘Cedanie’ continues the Miami residing tune monger’s streak of considerably heavier productions.

First premiered amid his 15 minutes of fame spot on Pete Tong in April and despite being reminiscent of Calvin Harris’ ‘Awooga‘, ‘Cedanie’s tectonic builds and multifaceted melodic progressions mesh into a gem of stadium-esque proportions. Opposing the sound showcased throughout his recently released second artist album for Ultra, ‘Cedanie’ plays perfectly into the hands of the elegant festival cuts that have become something of a calling card to the summer clubbing season thus far.

‘Cedanie’ will be released August 6.


10 Comments to “Preview: Cedric Gervais – Cedanie [Spinnin]”

  • very reminiscent of awooga indeed. not bad though

  • I really like this, it’s catchy

  • Take this over molly any day!!

  • Man, Cedric Gervais is the shittest producer/DJ in the game. He makes derivative, unoriginal music that plays to the lowest common denominator of house music fans, without selling out completely. He’s also a bit of a prick too, which never helps. The only tune he did that I ever liked was his remix of Come With Me by Rony Seliaky, which to be fair is an absolute tune.

  • sooo which drug is Cedanie slang for?

  • Reminds me of Felguk ”Blow Out”

  • And I thought Molly was shit. This is even shittier. Yuck.

    What the hell happened to house music the last couple of years…

  • Such garbage

  • BeatMyDay I think you did a mistake. You wrote that it will be released July 30. But in the video it’s 6 August…

  • James: It was first set for release July 30, but they then pushed it back a week.

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