As the brown eyed boy of Size Records’ ongoing domination of Electronic Dance Music, Tim Mason has proven himself quite the catch for a certain Mafioso member. Having caught the world’s attention with last years WMC favourite ‘The Moment’ and New Year’s Eve contender ‘Anima’, his two original comings to Angello’s renowned imprint has sealed his name as one of most fast-rising European House entities to grace the globe.

Who better then to tamper with these powerful Size originals than a master of those hands-in-the-air moments. In meatier takes on the two euphoric composites, Mason’s extended key play and sturdier breakdowns drive a whole new level of energy into the already accountably igneous offerings. Originally intended to stay an exclusive pair of edits for his live sets, the many requests have caused the Brighton prodigy to re-think, teaming up with Size Records and Beat My Day to on Tuesday July 17th release the improved OMG mixes of ‘The Moment’ and ‘Anima’ for free.

Anima OMG

The Moment OMG

11 Comments to “Tim Mason to release free OMG mixes of ‘Anima’ & ‘The Moment’ on July 17”

  • finally

  • wtf, name is a total ripoff of ”Mason – Animat” !! what has happened to this industry??

  • @martin shutup, please. this track was made way before Mason – Animat.

  • @martin
    Not sure if trolling. Anima by Tim Mason has been available to buy for over half a year now :)

  • Ignore Martin, he’s one of those kids that entered the scene through the beatport top 10 trash of today and instantly thinks he’s a grandmaster of House while he probably hasn’t heard a single House track in his life.

    To get back on topic; I’m really bummed out about the axtone-wannabe attitude of SIZE. Their tracks are simply not special enough to be hyped and waiter for in a period of months. The slow release technique works only when you’re label is interesting enough, and SIZE lacks that at the moment. It’s release frequencies are so low that the first new Mason original has to be a bootleg he did of his own tracks…It’s been half a year. Absurd really, figuring guys like Tim and Qulinez (hate them or love them) are barely a year active in the spotlights.

  • those two reworks won’t be released on size records, they will be giving away as free download, and siez records are releasing more records than axtone.

    And a track like third party – feel or nari & milani – atom are as massive as ressurection are quasar …

    anyway that’s my opinion

  • Hector, SIZE controls Mason his single output because he’s signed there. So yeah you basically repeated my point. After half a year, SIZE still doesn’t have a new Mason release and the only thing we get are two minuscule edits. Although I never said SIZE was putting out less than Axtone, they actually do.

  • well i THINK the main reason tim mason hasn’t released anything on size in a while is that they want to put out tracks from alot of different producers and yeah hype the releases one at a time.

  • I can see these released as 192kbps like all the other free releases from Size.

  • are you really complaining about the quality of 2 tracks that hasn’t been released yet? and you can draw a conclusion about size records ‘quality’ becuase their signed producer is releasing 2 tracks for free. jesus. have you realized that you don’t have to pay for these 2 tracks?!?!?! it’s a surprise from Tim to his fans whose been hearing these 2 awesome reworks since months and they wanted to have them. stop bitching and thank him on facebook when he makes them available

  • lol calm down sir. Just stating a fact. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I already paid for both the originals.

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