Often found literally giving it away in the name of pure-bred Electro, British baron of the vintage synth Jacques Lu Cont returns hot off the mark from his remix duties for John Dahlback with an unorthodox shot of hope for prevalent genre. While his last installment ‘Church’ played on the familiar uplifting charm of the original European Electro protagonists, Stuart Price’s distraught club stylings scream nostalgic rave culture while extending the inherently melodic hallmarks to the grittier realms of Dance music. Far from your atypical club cut, Price’s dark and transient get up breaths new and unexpected life into the genre now on everyone’s agenda for the summer festival season.


Words by Dan Carter

5 Comments to “Free Download: Jacques Lu Cont – Underground”

  • Good Guy Jacques, he makes an astonishing track and then let’s you have it for free.

  • jävla scheni

  • Jacques is such an amazing producer. Really good track and free!

  • i’ve listened him yesterday,before avicii,at exit festival,he is also an amazing dj :)

  • Sounds a bit like greyhound

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