With an impending split on the cards, Swedish House Mafia’s last UK performance at Milton Keynes Bowl was always going to be special. But having skilfully teased fans about an emotional track to follow their latest original release ‘Greyhound‘ since their Australian tour earlier this year, the 65 000 strong crowd at the legendary England venue watched as the Swedish trio at last premiered their sixth and potentially final single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. Dealing in distinct bursts of elusive synth play and emotive vocals, courtesy of John Martin, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ sees them outsource their unique floor filling intellect to round off the acclaimed studio output of Swedish House Mafia with utmost ease.

No word on the release date yet. (No, it’s not July 16)

Update (29/7): Good quality video footage of Swedish House Mafia playing the track at Tomorrowland, courtesy of Tomorrowland TV

Update (9/8): It will be premiered on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection August 10.

Update (10/8): Listen to a high-quality rip of ”Don’t You Worry Child” HERE.

Swedish House Mafia playing the track at Milton Keynes Bowl:

107 Comments to “Live Preview: Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child”

  • Anthem !

  • eeeh…

  • It’s ok, but i expected a little bit more.

  • I agree with John, expected more.

  • not even a single goosebump.. a dude seriously started crying when he heard this? crap just like save the world imo :( (

  • John. So true! But at least it’s more melodic than greyhound and antidote!

  • låter som vilken radiohit som helst, skön vokal dock!

  • Gåshud vid andra versen, dock förväntade jag mig mer!

  • Vocals are just amazing! and after all that hype it isn’t strange that people get disappointed. but agree with me, it is a fantastic track

  • Helt otroligt. Love it. Extremt radiovänligt, men satan vad bra.

  • viktor: i might have exaggurated a bit, its a solid track. but i really expect more from this super-trio. its a good thing they are splitting up so they can focus more on their own carreers instead of trying to please the mass. i hope they stop producing this ”radio house”

  • melody is sweet, but the production sounds like any famous ”house”-track. Not very creative from that perspective. not disapointed, but neither am i impressed!

  • love the vocals!

  • good drop but the instruments in the verses and buildups are BORING. the vocals aren’t that amazing either, a bit cheesy…

  • love the vocals!!

  • Btw, kinda boring mixing there from dont you worry to beating of my heart?

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I love it. The melody and emotion in the track is great for a farewell single and I can’t wait until the release.
    Fuckin’ goosebumps, man.

  • Andra versen.. goosebumps <3

  • This song blows. The vocals just kill it for me, I know he’s a great singer and all but this is the fucking Swedish House Mafia. As their productions tend to set the standard with overwhelming energy and emotion matched with brute force, this track to me is weak. I really hope that this won’t be their last production together. The melodies are nothing special and pretty much conform to what is attractive in progressive at the moment… they sound like dumbed-down David Guetta notes to be honest. Okay now, I’ll stop hating, but Thomas Gold made me this way. He’s the reason why SHM broke up.

  • Expected more but a fine track :-) can’t wait for axwell to start releasing his anthems such as ”Think About It” and ”Center Of The Universe”

  • DanSTS: What did Thomas Gold do?

  • ahhh, lite besviken. hade velat ha något helt ”nytt”.. men får ge den en ärlig chans med bättre ljud kvalite!

  • nothing special here.. i was expecting something better and not that cheesy

  • Unfortunately I have to agree with DanSTS.
    Sure it will be played alot on the radio and it will probably be a big hit.
    But there’s lack of energy and the melodies aren’t anything special.
    I hope they will do some changes until they release it!
    Waited for a banger, even though I knew it was gonna be an emotional and ”slower” track.
    ”Save the world” is better and I’m not even a fan of that so much.
    I want the raw and energetic sound like in ”one”, ”antidote” and ”greyhound”.

  • en fråga.. Kim fai – story.. har den släppts? eller är jag ute o cyklar

  • And this is part of why they’re breaking up. As a group, the expectations for their tracks are so high now that nothing will ever seem good enough… It really takes the fun out of them coming together in the studio. With that said, this track is very good. Not their best obviously, but it’s catchy and will get the crowd involved once everyone learns the words haha.

  • Sounds similar to some other productions, i was expecting a bit more, but i guess i could enjoy it.

  • Track at the end of the video ID? from like 5:15 onward…. thnx <£

  • @Fbz: Haha I did not mean that Thomas Gold broke up SHM in a literal sense. It’s just that he’s in a league of his own right now with his live sets. Any big DJ can drop the Beatport Top 40 progressive house tracks but there is literally no one right now who makes each of those songs their own like TG does during a live set (he drops more than just the anthems obviously). Thomas ’shat’ on Axwell at Cosmic Opera and there’s a reason why he was closing for Axwell all throughout Miami Music Week. At masquerade motel he played as early as 5pm and made Alesso and Calvin Harris look straight silly as they played after TG. After seeing Gold eight times now (I know, I have a problem), he makes every DJ seem like they’re just pressing play. I could go on and on BUT this thread is about SHM’s underachieving track, not about how Thomas Gold is a barbarian in the studio and on the tables.

  • majk: Nej, AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Kim Fai – Story ska troligtvis släppas på ”People of the Night” albumet

  • I mean the one that drops at 5:39 <3

  • IMHO… Nothing special just like the others. Save The World still the best track of SHM.
    The intonation of vocal when he say ”Don’t you don’t – don’t you worry child” better vocalized with a woman. That’s my first impression, we’ll see the next progress. Peace!

  • Track at the end of the video ID: M-3ox – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix) http://www.beatmyday.com/2012/03/04/m-3ox-beating-of-my-heart-matisse-sadko-remix/

  • @Alex: I think it’s more of that they are making pop songs to please the mainstream rather than that it’s a weak production.
    Compare like ”Leave the world behind” to this.
    A massive hit with vocals, and that you could tell was a house track.
    This is more of a pop song.
    You can tell that ”Leave the world behind” is a house track.
    You can’t with this really.

  • Expected so much more. First time i saw the title I knew it was going to be a very commercial track like Save The World, but this is so generic… I even liked Save The World.

    Maybe after listen to the track in better quality i’ll change my mind, but this sample is nothing out of this world to me.

  • what did thomas gold do???? in english please!

  • @Alex I think it’s more of that they are making pop songs to please the mainstream rather than people have high expectations *

  • Anton: Spikat!!

    John: all tracks after LTWB were made after they got signed to Virgin. Hence the radio friendy song

  • Extremely catchy and radio-friendly, but it’s not doing it for me so far, I’ll listen to the official preview when they release it and make up my mind then.

  • Swedish Pop Mafia! Where’d the house go :-)

  • I dare not actually to say anything about the song yet, quite spontaneously I gave it an ”ok”. But to judge it now, would just be a misstake, based on this video with half shitty recording. Anyway, it is at least not a ‘One’ or ‘LWTB’ production, which bothers me: (

  • Disappointed…
    What the faauuck is happening with the so called ”house music”?!

  • haha fan va dålig, alla trycker den är bättre för att det är shm….

  • The track that comes after SHM’s new single is M-3ox ft. Heidrun – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix).

  • Ge den lite tid, så kommer folk hänger med i vocalen. OT Jag satt seriöst och inbillade mig själv att dom skulle släppa en låt med sångaren i Coldplay, som grädde på moset. Förövrigt hur har deras playlist sett ut nu under ”avskedsturnén” ?

  • To be honest I was expecting a female vocalist to be used for such an emotional track, like a Kate Elsworth or even Georgia Kay. However, I think Martin does great with the vocals. I’m really enjoying the track so far, the drop is emotive, yet still with some power, but still requires a bit more work in my opinion. Chord progressions great. The idea is there. Just needs some tweaking to give it a little extra, befitting of its enormous expectation and status. However, I am definitely loving it so far.

  • can’t tell much about the quality of the production just from this video, but was hoping for something as strong as leave the world behind that even on the very first low quality previews blew me away. didn’t get the same feeling from this, so disappointed for now, but sure it will grow on me. save the world tonight didn’t click for me straight away from the first previews i heard when individual members had premiered it, but when they played it together for the first time as SHM on Miami South Beach at WMC last year it was huge, so looking forward to seeing them at Tomorrowland and making my own mind up on this one.

  • After a first go I’m not blown away, but I remember when the first live clips of ‘Save The World’ hit the web and a lot of people, including myself, thought it wasn’t that great at all… now it’s nothing less than an anthem. Guys, give this song a try and I think it’ll grow on you the more you listen to it. When/If you get the chance to hear it live I think it will be nothing but amazing.

  • haha måste fan vara ett skämt? Låter som en random nrj låt… Sjukt jävla besviken.

  • Well as a farewell melodie may I say it is amazing… They will always be remember for their extraordinary talent for which they were obviously born for which it true music as a longtime follower of all thre axwell sebastian ingrosso and Steve Angelo I will say that one of the best EDM trios will be missed very much. Best wishes for the three of them

  • +1 @skrillex kommentar..

  • i feel the same way when SA first played STW (may at edc not sure). it sounds epic. just the way i expected from the title and the last production thing. yes it is based on STW but i think this is how a goodbie sounds. not like anditote or greyhound (which are still awesome tracks). and pls don’t come with this ‘where did house music go’ or ‘what happened to’ blahblablah… i think there isn’t anything better than listening to these commercialbiggroommainstream proghouse tracks cause they make you feel. sadness, happiness, love whatever. but unlike a madonna or lady gaga track (you could ask them what happened to pop music), it makes you crazily euphorical and you just look at the world happier. that’s what city of dreams enough is enough or this track does. and they’re perfect for it

  • vickeiy: STW was first played in Australia by Steve Angello

  • ”commercialbiggroommainstream proghouse tracks” is exactly what I’m tired of.

    They can do better, like they did in the past.

  • Sounds like a 99% Axwell production, which ofcourse is absolutely amazing.

  • Sounds like a good track, lets wait for a quality video to decide

  • Now they excpect me to believe that someone actually cried from this generic progressive-house track? Don’t get me wrong i like them, but this was the ”beautiful” track they were blabbering about? This sounds like MANY other prog.-house tracks out there, so no wonder it is not something special or amazing. I like how they said they felt like overrepeating themselves. Now they are repeating others. Once again, very glad they will split up and focus on themselves, cause i don’t wanna imagine what sort of thing would come after this track. I expected more of course, but this is just a simple, nice track. Nothing special to it in any way.

  • Sounds really inspired by Avicii and what Bornemark said. I love it at least.

  • @Anton yeah you’re right thanks, at the Future Music Festival. luckily i still have that vid in bookmarks. if anyone interested in a little nostalgia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qr67iheFg

  • i dont think i ever cringed so much over vocals…even worse than STW

  • Asm: hahah ur stupid

  • @Alex: Word!

  • I was there and trust me it sounded amazing live the internet videos just dont do the track justice. The vocals are so strong really impressive.

  • Loving it!
    Haters gotta hate I guess..

  • Is John Martin singing live?

  • Decent, but it almost feels like a popsong and it will be played by radio for a year or two. A bit disappointed. The quality ruins it abot of course aswell, but overall it is decent. Nothing new or huge, hoped for more…

  • ingrosso made a mistake by building it up with the whole ’shedding a tear’ thing. it turns up the expectation level and naturally leaves a few disappointed. it’s solid, i’ll listen to it, but it isn’t a classic. at least axwell can hopefully get back to finishing his album now!

  • …I was a little disappointed by the lack of imagination. The chord pattern here is just like the breakdown chords in their Dub version of ‘Antidote’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0hp7vG7QIY), and the synth selection is very safe.

    The reason why everyone loved ‘One’ was because it wasn’t safe. Even ‘Greyhound’ presented some new sounds and clever production.

  • Even if I was expecting more I will still dance like a shitfaced monkey on dance floor/festivals to this song. Massive tune NONETHELESS

  • Kinda wack. Those vocals are no bueno.

  • [...] a mixture of emotions throughout the landmark appearance, the premier their next collective single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ proved an uplifting and optimistic notion that while the Swedish House Mafia moniker may not have [...]

  • you want an emotional track they should of gotten lune to sing she made teenage crime seem emotional lol but im not feeling this at all have to say! Boring and this is to me a song not a track after all this is dance music man stick to the forumla that made you who you are !

  • ^ punctuation marks would be helpful to understand your comment.

  • About the guy who cried when he first heard this song (I think it was Christian Larsson, the man behind Take One) I DONT think he just cried because the song was so damn emotional, it was rather the environment that made him shed a tear. These guys are some of his closest friends (according to Ingrosso) so, the time and place and him knowing that THIS is it, the last song. Having followed these guys since 2005 (?) and now know that it’s over almost made me shed a tear. So, it’s probably more deeper and on a personal note rather then just an emotional song.

  • @Markus: This might just be it. At least I think you’re on to something. And also, try to listen closely to the lyrics, they’re pretty damn emotional and tells a wonderful story.

  • @Marcus: This might just be it. At least I think you’re on to something. And also, try to listen closely to the lyrics, they’re pretty damn emotional and tells a wonderful story.

  • It’s like a goodbye song, don’t hate so much.

    I’m already in love.


  • For all the people who critizied them, this isn’t similar to the original house, really, right now nothing is real house, the song it’s a dance song, i like it and it’s a good song, in my opinion better than antidote, but not than Leave the World Behind. Now the dance music it’s always djs and people with hands in the air and a electro dubstep bassline, now the SHM separated will have the opportunnity to return to the souful vocals, the house groove that they lost. Right now i listening to more ”underground” music but i like SHM and i respect all the styles, because they aren’t very commercial. When they do something new, a lot of producers copy this new stuff, not inspiration, copy.(Sorry for my bad english)

  • @Desk, couldn’t have said it better!

  • What is the track that it goes over to in the end?

  • personally, i think it was a HUUUGE mistake to tell people that it made someone cry and stuff. they over-hyped it and it set the bar waaaaay too high meaning that it pretty much didnt matter what the song was like, it still wouldve disappointed. anyways, I really like it. 8/10 for me

  • People too often look into the comments about a song or who the artist is that produced it. If a track sounds good, then listen to it. Who cares if it’s ”commercial” or ”mainstream”, just base your opinions on the quality of the production. I personally think this is a fantastic track.

  • Really disappointed with this. When I first heard it, I thought, ‘haven’t I heard this before?’ That’s because I have. Factory made goosebumps, nothing particularly spectacular about the track. I don’t hate it, I like it, but I won’t remember it.

  • Aftermathhyo: haha, no…

  • Not quite sure why so much hate generated over what is supposed to be an emotional, sort of ”farewell” track for a trio who has given us basically nothing by genre defining, unique sounds ever since they started producing music together. They weren’t attempting to create an Antidote, Greyhound, One esque track, I truly believe that if they wanted to, they would and easily could have (apparently they have tons of unreleased samples/tracks just sitting on their hard drives). If you ignore the hype and everything that they and everyone else was saying about this track before anyone had ever heard it, ignore what everyone else thinks about it after hearing it, and you just sit and listen, I don’t think it could be any more perfect given the current circumstances and what they claim their intent for the song was. Many, many, many more of the unique sounds everyone is crying for from them to come, in their solo careers. For now, this track had a purpose and it serves it excellently. Cannot wait to see this live.

  • Nice track! Sounds like the 100000th track in this style tho.

  • You kids should stop arguing about mainstream or big room or commercial… THEY INVENTED BIGROOM !!

  • I have to say that i dont take into account what guru’s say about this is mainstream etc etc. All i know is that i was at the Bowl on saturday and this song topped it for me and i have been hunting it down ever since! Music is about fellings not opinons and when i hear this track i have feelings! SHM have real tallent, its a shame they are no more.

  • The track is just amazing, but as I have said before! This sounds like a pure Axwell track, sorry Seb and Steve ..

  • låten är så sjukt bra. ni som säger att det är en radio låt måste legat i koma ett par år.. haha patetiskt

  • No wonder it sounds like avicii it’s written by the guy who brought us save the world and the vocal version of fade in to darkness. This was actually the first project zitron & john martin started working on back in the day, and as always shm just slapped that shit on some übercheezy beats. nevertheless it’s a great pop track and i can’t wait for them to start taking it back to the oldschool. Goodbye Epic Pop Mafia, Hello quality-sound-pre-shitstorm-of-electro-wub-wub-crap. No hating guys just sharing my opinion :D

  • Fuck you all… this track is fucking great!! sounds more of an axwell production.. For all of you saying epic pop mafia and shit like that you guys havent realized who made proggressive house music famous… Leave the world behind was the biggest hit in house music and it still is a major hit.. The acapella is used in a lot of bootlegs
    If it wasnt to people that have gone a little more popy for example David Guetta, Avicii, etc house music wouldnt be the same. SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA FOR LIFE I LOVE YOU

  • Man this is a disappointment. I’m not hating but I really expected more from SHM, not just the same progressive shit everyone else is making, the scene is getting boring and this saddens me. Looking forward to that new Axwell track though from the Carlesburg comercial.

  • What is wrong with you people saying you expected more? This is a track made with golden house hands and it sounds amazing. Its not like their gonna put in some sound of a howling cow just to supprise you. The best thing is when you douchbags sits in a future scenario and is listening to this and you are gonna tell your friends how an awesome track this is.

  • The song is huge if people are disappointed for expacting more, remeber SHM are Humens they makes music like Gods and this song and the music is Amazing. hope this isn’t there last song =)

  • Even for a secularist, it should be obvious that the lyrics are either speaking of Christs’ time on earth and his suffering on the cross and the girl may represent a current ”sleeping church”. Could also be speaking of Israel and God’s solemn promise to redeem the children/decendants of Abraham. Maybe both meanings apply.

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